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Ever heard of it?  I went looking for it in Monterey today but could not find it.  I thought it sounded interesting as it contains probiotics.  My guys don't want to eat the dry dog food (Solid Gold) but I think that is because I am giving them the good stuff (what we eat).

Anybody remember when our dogs all ate table scraps and were outside most of the time.  Maybe it was because we were on a farm, but I never remember buying a bag of dog food.  They ate what we ate.  I remember one of our dogs loved peas.

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Yeah she managed to work that link into a discussion on anal glands as well.

I also find it odd that she switched from Earthborn because they changed to lamb meal & yet the LA all life stages varieties I looked up have meat meals as their meat sources.  In fact the grain free version seems very similar to Earthborn Primitive Natural, of course except we don't seem to know much about their sourcing. That and it's significantly more expensive than Earthborn.

Wow, commissions must be down this quarter. LOL
I find that odd too, Scotty. 

Thanks, Karen.  I smelled a product endorsement also.

I think they all like corn syrup, but it is not good for any of us.  Crops in America have all been decimated by GMO.  You cannot be careful enough when it comes to our food and the food we feed our animals.  American corn, soy, and most grains have all been genetically modified.



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