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While Noah is very polite and accepting of all dogs, I think he definitely likes people better. When I take him to the big park, he will run a good hundred yards away to greet another person with a dog, but he always comes right back to me. Once he says hello to a dog, he generally likes to just stay near the group of people, rather than running around and wrestling with the other dogs.

I'm not sure if this is because he's always had my other dog to play with or because he's submissive around other dogs. Today a 4 month old puppy that was smaller than him was able to sit on Noah and not let Noah up!

Some doodles I've met seem to love to play with other dogs and can't get enough.

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Bentley is definately a people person. He behaves fine with other dogs..but just loooove people..that really gets the tail wagging and rear shaking with excitement!
People for sure! Jordan only likes "some" dogs.
I think mine are equal opportunity doodles, they love dogs and people alike. When we go to the dog park they're in heaven!
Sheba is a little shy at first around people and dogs but warms up quickly. I have to watch Duke. He isn't graceful by any means and he will plow into people/dogs when he says hello! (We have been working hard on that behavior in Duke.)
Gracie Doodle definitely likes people best. She is picky as to who are her canine friends. She doesn't go up to just any dog. She picks and chooses. When we walk she never pulls towards other dogs. Every now and then there is one that she spots and just has to meet. There are breeds that she just doesn't like at all. They usually are the same ones I don't care for so that works out just fine. Gracie plays with her neighborhood friends and friends that she has made on walks and knows. If I were to take her to a dog park she would stick right besides me and not go about making friends or playing. Though she is the friendliest and least Alpha dog I have ever seen. She is awesome with puppies helping to socialize them. I offer her and our yard to friends who have new puppies and can't yet take them out in public because they haven't had all their shots. My yard is safe and I feel it is so important that a puppy socialize with other dogs as well as peoople.
Gracie is a people=dog for sure, but she loves her special doggie friends like Sable and Genie! And her doodle bud, Ned.

Ned is more cautious with new people than with new dogs, but I am going to have to take a step back and watch him before committing to one over the other.
Jack likes people better, because dogs can't throw the ball for him!
He has several dog friends he likes, and he gets very excited to see them and play with them...for about 10 minutes. Then he starts bringing his ball to their owners.
At the dog park, he completely ignores the other dogs. He is only there to run & retrieve.
With Sophie it depends on the situation. She loves all people and gets excited anytime someone wants to pet her and doesn't care how many people are around her at once. With dogs, like at a leashed event like a Barkfest or something she is very nervous (ole slobber mouth). Meeting dogs one on one on the street, she is convinced they are all there for her personal pleasure and wants to play. We haven't been to a dog park in over a year, but when we did go she stayed pretty much right at my side. Lucy, I'm not sure she is a people person or a dog person as her #1 choice. I think her 1st pick would be either Sophie or her mommy With strangers, she seems to make a determination about whether or not she likes them, and other dogs, she will sort of take them or leave them. She has a few doggie friends that she likes to come over to play, but I think she mostly just prefers Sophie!
Lilly just loves people. At the dog park she went over to a lady and sat down beside her and watched her instead of the dogs.
Guinness loves people and dogs equally. He loves to run, so other dogs provide the opportunity to "chase and be chased". He spends one day a week at Doggie Daycare and absolutely loves being part of that "pack". It amazes me how well they all get along and how they teach each other "doggie manners". He also loves the attention he gets from people...anyone who will pet him and tell him that he's cute is an instant friend.
At the dog park Darwin will run and play with dogs for a few minutes, but then run back to us (or complete strangers) and wriggle himself between your legs for a rest. I think he is a bit nervous around the bigger dogs because he is still a puppy, but he does love to play with them; big or small. I think overall, he likes people better.
Rosco and Thule would probably choose to meet a dog rather than the dog's person FIRST...but at the dog park it varies. I'd say at the dog park, Rosco is NEITHER a people or a dog dog...but rather a TOY HOG. His mission is to find some toys to deconstruct...he'd rather do that than anything.

When a friend brought his weimaraner to our yard to meet me and our dogs...they were very interested in the dog initially...but then mostly started wrestling each other and ignoring the weim and us.
Halas is definitely a people dog. He likes to play chase and run around with the other dogs at the dog park, but he spends more time running around trying to get people to pet him.



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