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Our nearly 12 year-old Goldendoodle girl Willow is slowing way down from what we believe to be arthritis. She will still go out for walks with our 8 month old puppy with her beautiful big smile, and we just slow our pace so she's comfortable. I would like her to be a bit more comfortable and not have so much trouble getting up from laying down if we can. It seems to be mostly impacting her hindquarters. 

Other perhaps relevant info... We had a thyroid panel run last month (one of the more thorough panels I'm told by her vet) and her numbers were in the normal range, except for free T3 which was low, but the vet who read the results suggested it was from a non-thyroidal issue. What that issue is I'm not sure and the vet didn't offer any ideas. Except for seasonal allergies Willow is healthy. I give her a apoquel pill every day or every other during peak allergy season. Her allergies get so bad with painful ear infections and foot licking that the apoquel is truly necessary. It is probably for a month or so three times a year. She is on the Wellness Simple Solutions food salmon and potato (I switched both dogs when her little sister was having major GI issues that this group helped resolve). For arthritis-related supplements we tried Dasuquin chews for about a month and prior to that a liquid glucoasime. I have not noticed any changes with either. I'd prefer not to add another prescription into the mix but am open to supplements or therapies that might help her to be more comfortable if anyone has success. Thanks!

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Cold laser treatments helped Jack a lot with this. Many vet practices offer it now, and the pricing is usually really reasonable. No pain and no side effects, either.

You might also look for a veterinary physical therapy facility in your area, the underwater treadmills and exercise therapies can also help a lot. They are pricey, though.

Jack's physical therapist recommended Cosequin ASU over Dasuquin; unfortunately, we were not able to try it, because he could not have any kind of chewable supplements because of his IBD (they contain beef or pork flavorings). But you might consider trying it instead of the Dasuquin. I believe it's the same company.

Karen, how do you know if it's arthritis or something else like something spinal?  Rosco's back legs are getting pretty weak but he shows no real sign of actual PAIN, just weakness.  Now that could be a high pain tolerance or determined dog, not sure.  I need to call his vet again but I believe she mentioned some kind of Cosequin at his recentish check up.  

If he's not showing any signs of pain, chances are it's not a disc issue. Even the great stoic JD showed pain when he first ruptured a disc. Xrays will usually show a lot of the changes associated with arthritis. And a vet exam can tell a lot too. 

I would suggest if you are giving the supplements to also try milk thistle.  My former dog was on Consequin and the new vet I had (she like to try natural products when possible) suggested liquid milk thistle drops with food to protect the liver.  We did tests after a couple months of using it and the liver numbers did improve.

Curious - what about inferred beds?

I have not heard about infra-red beds for dogs. 
The point of the cold laser treatments is to reduce inflammation in the affected joints. Is there any independent research showing that these types of dog beds are effective at reducing inflammation? 

I want a cold laser treatment!  Seriously, this is great information. I really see Clancy slowing down. We are watching to see our next step.

Most human physio clinics have 'cold' or 'low level' laser, and some canine rehab facilities or vet clinics have them too!!!

I'm truly going to check in to this for myself as well as Clancy.  I think sometimes we get to a 'certain' age and doctors excuse any problems you have as age related without offering options....

Yeah! I hate to hear "well, it's just age related & there really isn't anything to do except "grin & bear it""


Have you checked out CBD oil? We've had excellent results with it after our rheumatologist (for joint pain), primary care physician and chiropractor all recommended it.  It is available for pets and some vets are recommending it now too. We are giving it to our 14 year old cat for tremors and having great results just giving her the people stuff. 

Very interesting post. Just today, Yarra, age 12, an ALD, had a complete work up with a doc and PT doc at a holistic/integrative vet to see what else we can do for her arthritis in her left hip. For 3 weeks she's been getting acupuncture and cold laser therapy and is taking Chinese herbs and is doing great. Prior to seeing this vet, her regular vet prescribed Galprantin and advised me of the side affects of vomiting and diarrhea...on the 4th day she both vomited and had diarrhea and I stopped the med and took her to the new vet; in her whole life, she has rarely vomited and never had diarrhea.  The difference is amazing. The therapist took every kind of measurement on her body and used a tool to measure her flexation on her front and rear legs/elbows, paws and hips. It appears to be in her left hind quarter and some in the lower lumbar. I have exercises for her and will do massage therapy twice a day and take her on guided swimming to have her swim a couple lengths in our pool. Vet believes Yarra's years of agility and walks etc, kept her body in good shape in addition to her diet and basic care. I'm very happy and enjoy every second with her.

That sounds like a great vet. She is just beautiful! I am so glad you found someone to help her without meds. 



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