It has been a really long wait but she is finally here.  She is sweet, curious and smart.  She is trying to kill all of Cassie's old babies.  Cas had them for six years without a rip.  Don't think they will last six weeks with Lily.  LOL  3364048240?profile=originalSo far no accidents in the house although last night it seemed we were out more than in.  She cried every couple of hours and I was afraid to ignore her.  A little more tough love tonight.  She was 10 weeks old yesterday.  Here are a couple of her first day home pictures.

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  • How adorable.  I can't wait to see how she ends up looking as an adult.  Enjoy those puppy kisses.

  • Oh my goodness---too cute--really lovely coat and markings....I LOVE partis!!


    • It is obvious why! I have never seen a parti like him. Absolutely gorgeous.
  • Sue, Lily Grace is beautiful.  I let Vern sleep in bed with us the first night, so no tough love here, either.  Enjoy every single minute with her.

  • And isn't that true how some pups want to rip up everything? Some love to hold them and carry them, and others can't wait to get the stuffing and squeakers out--maybe it has something to do with prey drive.

  • I love her!  She looks so soft and I can just smell the puppy breath.  I'm so glad you're finally together.

  • What a beautiful, sweet pup! I know you will love her and I bet tough love won't even be necessary! Congratulations!

  • She's so beautiful! I love the white on top of her head. Congratulations and enjoy!

  • What a beauty!

  • Congratulations and welcome to DK, Lily Grace! She's beautiful!

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