Hello everyone! Madison our daughter entered a picture of her spoiled Furkid Lilly in KFDI Top Dog contest, if you could please show your support for her and Lilly. You can vote for your favorite dog by following the link below, It is very simple to create an account to sign in and you can opt out of receiving any emails from them.  The eastiest way to get there is go to kfdi.com and click contests, it is the Top Dog contest, after you sign in at top of gallery of dogs there is a search button it if you type in furkid Lilly"s picture will pop right up.  We were doing pretty good for a bit then this morning we got passed by like 40 votes.  For my daughter she is not interested in the $50. prize to her it is about her spoiled Furkid Lilly being the Top Dog:)  Any help we can get would be very much appreciated, Thank you very much:) You are aloud to vote 1 time each day with February 16th being last day to vote. Please share with all your friends:)  I am also attatching the photo we entered that she took herself.  It was the photo from the August Goldendoodle calander.
https://digitalivy.com/3VDPGD/UGC/Gallery 3861057520?profile=RESIZE_710x

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