As one of the very, very early members It is very interesting to see how this community has matured. Many of us have both announced our new pets joining our family and unfortunately having to pay tribute to them on their pass.  I don’t remember if we already had our three doodles but it was a time when they were all young. In the past year or so Mariner and Boomer left us and Corey ( a sheepadoodle) has joined us.  Many of my contributions had been due to my research on the health issues of my dogs.  Mariner was the inspiration behind the “seizure “ and the “ health” groups as we were dealing with his seizures and other medical issues.  Also, due to Mariner, I learned all I could about sight impaired dogs.  Later, again I researched ocular cancer, when Boomer had cancer. Now, it is time to learn about heart issues, Shayna is having some problems. 

I have tried to share what I have learned.  I always felt the best way was through the Groups but I have noticed that more and more questions are being asked in the Forum. The Groups are moderated and I believe that more accurate information is being given in them.  So, please, if you have a health issue- post in the health group, food issue - the food group, etc.


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  • I agree, Andy. The advice and info in the groups is usually more detailed and reliable. I think a lot of newcomers aren't aware of the groups and also not familiar with the way this site works as opposed to Facebook. 

  • I think most people use their phones and this site isn't as easy to follow that way. But so much information is here to share and it is actually easier to share it in this format. Welcome to Corey.

    • I agree. Social media is for socializing, not really for discussing, and smart phones are not the best way to research, read, etc. They seem better for comments and pictures, not for in-depth discussion.

  • I am so sorry for your loss. I hope you can find some information her that may help Shayna. A big Doodle welcome to Corey!

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