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So pleased with himself....

It's beyond me how he did it unless the bone was faulty.

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Oh dear Haley - you have a very strong bite!  Thankfully you were right there Anne.

My dogs once splintered a bone and so no more bones : ( You never know. The bone sure doesn't look like it has a weak point.

I had to stop giving those to Kramer after he cracked a tooth on one, and had to have it removed. Maybe you should check his teeth to make sure he didn't do the same.

We stopped those bones because Libby gets them to wear splinters come off and I'm afraid she will swallow one!

Maybe he dropped out the window first. LOL

Wow!  Haley does look very pleased with himself!

uh oh!  hope he did not crack his own tooth! he does look rather pleased with himself! 

My DH examined the bone and does not think Haley did the damage by himself.  He thinks the bone had already been cracked and Haley chewing on it finished the job (sort of like a small flaw in glass running when pressure is applied).  We haven't been able to find any damage to his teeth.

Well Mr. Haley, I will never pick a bone with you !

You will have to change his name to Jaws.

: )
He could have done it by himself. My LD has been known to crack thigh bones, knuckles bones, and even antlers along with his own teeth in the process!! So, no more hard bones for my two. It is sad because he loved them, but he would bite down on them instead of gnawing!



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