Hi everyone,

Can anyone offer any Home spun doodles feedback? I was looking at them for our next medium Golden doodle.   They are expensive but they do say the parents are all tested and vetted.  Did anyone have experience with them?  I have reached out to them and put an application in but haven't heard back.

  We used Blackwood doodles for our previous Goldendoodle but they are no longer around.  I am in Brooklyn NY and will gladly travel to Jersey or PA if anyone would like to private message me any other breeders that are highly recommended I would appreciate it

Thank you


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    • Wow! Thanks for that feedback.  When we got our last doodle Henry 10 years ago,  I think the cost was 2000 ish... I was really surprised but was thinking maybe like everything else in the world the cost jumped up that high! 

  • Sorry I have no constructive recommendations.  I am not familiar with Goldendoodle breeders on the east coast at all.  You can look on GoodDog.com and GANA's lists, but if you don't see ALL the health testing listed on OFA and it is OFA testing, then it's not there.

    • Ok thank you for that information.  I like having these resources pointed out to me,  thanks again!

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