Hello.I am heartbroken by the lose of my mini Australian labradoodle. He was my buddy and I was his. I am looking for another one about 9 +/- months either from a rescue, rehoming or a retired breeding dog; color, sex is not a factor--falling in love is. I have been on all sites and nothing. Since the pandemic it seems like all dogs have been snatched up or what I am looing for is a rare find. Any suggestions? I am located outside of Philadelphia, PA. thank you.

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  • I'm sorry for your loss, Patty.
    Yes, what you are looking for is rare in rescue, but Doodle Rescue Collective has a number of young mini labradoodles available from an ALD breeder hoarding/neglect situation. Most of them are spoken for, but I believe there are still some available. And there are new dogs and puppies coming into the program every day. A member of this site just adopted an adorable 15 week old mini labradoodle puppy over the weekend, from DRC. 
    I'd suggest you submit an application ASAP. http://doodlerescueinc.ning.com/page/adoption-application-2

    The worst possible thing you can do is look for dogs on Craig's List, or on the Facebook pages where people rehome their dogs themselves, what I call "doodle swap meet" pages. 22 years in rescue have proven to me that people are almost never entirely honest when they are trying to find a new home for a dog, and many people contact DRC after they have been scammed or misled. It's really important to go with a reputable rescue group. 
    You should also look at Petfinder.com several times a week, because doodles do show up in rescue, but they also get adopted very quickly. They do have a "labradoodle" category now, but you should also select "Poodle", "Miniature Poodle", and "Standard Poodle" when you do a petfinder search, because some rescue groups still indentify doodles by those breeds. https://www.petfinder.com/


  • Karen hit all the important points!  When you search in Petfinder, the default is a search within 100 miles of your zip code.  If you are willing to travel a bit farther, change that default to "anywhere" -- it will still show results in order from closest to farthest.
    Also be very careful with breeders in PA because it is one of the big puppy mill states.  Not to say everyone in PA breeds irresponsibly, but take extra caution and feel free to run breeders you are considering by folks here on DK.

    Best of luck!

  • Adina, thank you for your response. I did what you said on pet finder. I appreciate your input. 

  • Also, keep in mind that during the virus and shut downs, many rescues have pulled in their listings to wait until it's over. It is difficult to do meet and greets and home visits during the pandemic. As soon as it is over, you may see more listings.

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