We are in a national forest in Indiana this summer volunteering. Yogi  takes Nexgard and Maci takes Bravecto. We’ve been here for a total of 20 hours, and we’ve got at least 20 some ticks.  Two were attached. I hate them things!

Im looking for any additional ideas from spraying the area, maybe a powder of some sort in the yard, to essential oils.  My DH also are having trouble also, probably because they have brought them into the house.

Im brushing them when they come in( that’s how I find).  Looking for any suggestions..

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  • I use a Seresto collar on Cocoa. According to the manufacturer (Bayer) it is supposed to repel ticks.  We haven’t found any fleas or ticks on her since we started using it three years ago and we walk her through a woody canyon regularly.

  • After consulting with our vet, I have decided to no longer vaccinate Wally for Lyme. In addition to using NexGard, our vet recommended the Seresto collar. I'm not sure if I am goig to use it -- still thinking about it. 

  • I had one vet tell me that Seresto was worthless. I don't know if it's true, but that's what he said.

    Katie gets Bravecto and Maggie takes Simparica. The new vet said that both were very good products. He said that Simparica kills ticks in something like 4 hours, and that to transmit a tick-borne disease the tick has to be attached for 24 hours. I'm paraphrasing, I may not have the details exactly correct, but it was something like that. It made me feel really comfortable with the meds. And I haven't had any adverse effects from the medications themselves.

    The reason my vet prefers Simparica over Bravecto is because he feels that people are more compliant with the monthly dosing. Just give it at the same time as the heartworm pill. And it was actually cheaper than Bravecto by the time I got the rebate for buying 12 months worth.

    Sorry, I wish I had some suggestions to get them out of the yard. I heard possums eat ticks. I have a couple I would gladly mail you.

    • I have heard Possums also eat bird eggs. We have a lot of possums and ticks around our property. I wish the possums would get the memo. I don't give my flea/tick at the same time as heartworm. I was afraid it was too much to give them together. Though I have never been told not too, it's my own neurotic worry.

  • Annabelle is on Nexgard. I live in the country surrounded by woods and deer, other wildlife. She spends her summers outside playing, running around, lounging in her pool or helping us in the garden. I do a tick check every time she comes in. She had one on her a couple of months ago, from my husband taking her farther out to the wooded area of our property. We have that area fenced off so she can't go back there on her own. She has her annual checkup next week, I was going to discuss this very thing. Just some additional protection during the peak ticks times. There's people in my local doodle group that swear by the natural protection using various oils. I know I certainly wouldn't use them by themselves, but as an added deterrent combined with the Nexgard, then maybe the essential oils, though I have my doubts it would offer much if anything.
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