Hi all - new to the forum!  My wife and I are going to get a Bernedoodle.  Can anyone recommend breeders on the east coast, preferably around the Mid-Atlantic (Pennsylvania) area?  We've found some in Florida, but they have a year long waitlist and we're aiming for a pup in the April-May timeframe.  I know that recommendations aren't allowed in the general forum posts, so please private message me.  Thanks!  Can't wait to be a contributing member!

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  • Just wondering why you are looking for that combination? Do you think you will get a large, calm dog that does not shed? Just be aware that you could also get a large, high strung dog that sheds like crazy! :) There is no guarantee that any of these poodle mixes will pick out the best traits of both breeds--wishful thinking! There are not many Bernedoodle breeders out there--so you might have a long wait!

    • We are aware of that possibility, and after much discussion this is the breed we decided on!  I grew up with a high strung poodle that I eventually took full care of, so I know how it can be.  I've also taken care of my in-law's two welsh terriers for several extended periods (months) of time - two stubborn, high energy, and sneaky pups, so while you can never be fully prepared, I at least have some experience.  Thanks for your concern! :-)

  • Hi Andre, you somehow duplicated this discussion. Here is a link to the other one: http://www.doodlekisses.com/forum/topics/looking-for-bernedoodle-br...

    As long as nobody has replied to it, you can still delete it, which would be a very good idea, since it would be confusing to have two of the same discussion going on in the forum at the same time, lol 

    • Fixed, thanks!

  • We saw a beautiful Bernedoodle puppy at our local farmer's market about a month ago, but I don't know the owners and didn't think to ask where they got her. If we run across them again, I will ask. I was drooling over her! We are happy with our Labradoodle, but boy was I tempted!
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