We are driving from Long Beach to San Diego for the weekend (KOA Fall Festival girls will be in a Halloween Parade) and wondering if anyone can suggest a good dog park or two to stop at along the way?  We are stopping in Oceanside for lunch but have heard from numerous folks that their dog park is high on the list for getting kennel cough (right next to humane society).  With Sassparilla just recovering from a month with pneumonia I don't want to push it!  We've been to Ocean dog beach in San Diego (love it) but Sassparilla consumes too much water and vet think that's what opened her up to getting sick so we are looking for a dryer weekend!  Thanks in advance for your feedback.  Have a great weekend everyone.

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  • We vacation in Laguna Beach and their dog park has always been great.  Even had a doodle romp there one Christmas vacation.



    Have fun at the Festival!!!!

    • Thanks, we've pulled together a makeshift set of costumes for the dogs I hope they tolerate them long enough to walk the parade! lol  My daughter will be a bug catcher and the girls will be butterflys!  She wants to bring the boat fishing net as her butterfly net so she can really catch them! lol  Hopefully I can get a good picture for next weeks slideshow? 

      I've heard about Laguna but haven't been yet, we'll definitely have to check it out.  Thanks for the link.

      • That is so cute, I can't wait to see pictures!  One day again we will get to the beach :)

  • Huntington beach has a great dog beach too!

    • Love HB Dog beach, that was her first beach experience! Ü  We are looking further south, camping for the weekend and I wanted to give them their own time to run free.  Someone at work mentioned Ann D. L'Heureux Dog Park in Carlsbad and that's not too far from our lunch at Oceanside.  Are you local to HB?  Maybe we'll see you down there sometime?

      • we live in Los Angeles but my sister lives in HB so we visit her often!  Hope to see you sometime!  I've never been to the dog park in Carlsbad but hope you find one and have a great weekend!

  • I had not heard that about the dog park in Oceanside. ( They recently redid the whole park and took out the grass and put in synthetic lawn so maybe things are better??) I am not a fan of the dog park in Carlsbad as there is no grass (dirt and wood chips) and the pups get pretty filthy. (Not to mention what is hiding under the leaves and wood chips!) The Oceanside Harbor has lots of great, dog-friendly little restaurants with outside patios. That whole harbor area is very dog friendly. Have a fun weekend!
    • We did dine with the dogs in Oceanside, they were a hit as we walked the boardwalk around the marina.  We ate at Rockin Baja and I've now learned my doodle doesn't like seafood!  lol  She turned her nose away from the shrimp/lobster and crab?  The other pup is a garbage disposal so she lapped up everything that hit the ground. lol  We got lucky and the skies cleared up for lunch.  Rained at the campground all night so we passed on the dog parks and headed straight for the beach since some dog parks close during and after rainy days.  Thanks for the lead, we may try to stop and check out the dog park during our next trip south. 

  • Fiesta Island in San Diego (Mission Bay Park) is fabulous. Huge, off leash, totally dog friendly and you can choose to go the water route or the dry land route. We live nearby and go all the time!

    • Oh bummer I'm just now reading this, Fiesta Island is definitely on our to do list next time we come to San Diego.  What is the parking lot like?  Could I get in and out with a boat attached to my truck?  We do several trips with our boating group and could make it a long weekend (one day boating, one day dog park?)  It rained all night Saturday so we broke camp early and headed over to Ocean Dog Beach (since we'd been there before).  My phone was acting up so googling places and checking messages was difficult?  Hopefully we'll see you there when we go.  Thanks again.

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