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I'm hoping you experts can inform me on good experiences you've had with Goldendoodle breeders.  I'm looking for an ethical, trustworthy breeder, and there's so many out there it's hard to narrow it down.  I've looked at ones who perform genetic testing on their parent dogs, and who offer a health guarantee.  My husband and I live in Kansas, but are willing to drive or have our puppy shipped to us depending on the distance of the breeder.  Thank you for any insights, names, etc. that you provide!


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Hopefully you have already found and read this link here on DK, but just in case you missed it I wanted to include it here.

That will get you started.  As for referrals, people will have to PM you with their suggestions as we are not permitted by the guidelines to do that here in the open forum.  However, please remember that just because someone here says "Oh, my dog is wonderful and here is my breeder" you must then see if they pass the tests for what to look for.  Not everyone follows the suggested advice and they think because they love their puppy, that there breeder is wonderful when in fact it may have been a puppy mill.  So, just be sure to check check and recheck the info.  There are some pretty sneaky puppy mills out there that make their websites look pretty good.  That being said, I'm going to send you a friend request.  Once you accept it I'll send you some info on my breeder.

Thank you.  I looked at the link, and had the same discussions with my vet already.  I also looked at the link for golden doodle puppies on the website, but as far as I can see the last post was in May of this year.  The rest are from 2013, which doesn't help me.  Thank you for the information.

Paige, in that link mentioned above, there are several links to breeder lists (not just the groups on this site) that can get you started.  Start by looking for breeders within 6-8 hours driving distance and see if you find anyone worth looking at.  If you do, you can post here and ask for private feedback about said breeder(s).  If nobody is near you then you'll have to start considering breeders outside of your comfortable driving distance (whatever that might be)--which opens up the doors to many many more possibilities.  Again once you narrow it down to a handful or less you can list the ones you are considering here and people can give you private feedback.

In addition to the points in the article, here is what I would also be looking for in a breeder:

1. The parents are at least two years old and have completed their actual hip testing, not just prelims.

2. The breeder does not send puppies home before the age of 8 weeks.

3. The health warranty/guarantee does not require you to feed a specific brand of food or give a specific brand of vitamins.

I personally would need to see the breeder's facilities and meet the parents (or at least the mother, as the breeder may not own the stud), even if that meant flying there. 

The DK Guidelines prohibit giving breeder recommendations in the open forum. People will have to send you a friend request and message you to give you names. 

I drove from Mi to SC to get my doodle. She met all the criteria that was listed to look for. My pup was healthy, she  was already being socialized, used to all different noises. She is a wonderful, health pup. I am very happy I did the research on breeders and for all the help I got from members here. I almost made some big mistakes, but doodlekisses helped me bypass those breeders. I will message the name if you are interested.

Yes!  Please message me the details.  Thank you!

These are the breeders we're taking a closer look at.  Any information about them...good or bad...would be helpful!  Winding Creek Ranch in Indiana, Jubilee Labradoodles in Michigan, Almond Blossom in California, and Copper Canyon Doodles in Utah.  Thanks.

Hi Paige, I was wondering which breeder you ended up going with? We are looking into a couple of the breeders you listed and was curious your findings. Thanks

I worked with a great breeder in Virginia.  I spent a year doing research and it was worth it.  Her dogs are healthy, beautiful, smart and have great personalities.  We drove from RI to VA to get Alana, our 5 month old Goldendoodle.  I could not ask for a better pup.  We're very happy.  Let me know if you would like her contact info.  Also, she has a webpage.  You can see pictures of her pups and read testimonials.   We met both of Alana's parents which was great.

Thank you for the info!



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