We have a 2.5 yo F1 goldendoodle. We just recently moved from Houston TX to New York area and he has lived in Texas his whole life. He seems to adjust to the cold weather and everything just fine, but lately we started to notice that he lost some hair under his armpits and around the belly area. And he scratches himself more. I am wondering if it is just because of the dry climate here or something more serious. What do we need to do?

Thank you!!

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  • See the vet. 
    Even a vet would not be able to tell you what this is or what to do about it from a description in any internet forum. :) 
    If he's itchy, he needs some relief, and guessing at what  might be wrong isn't going to help him. Please make a vet appointment. 

  • Are there changes? Is he now wearing sweaters? A harness? I think a vet visit is warranted. 

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