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I work from home a lot (& I generally take Truffle to work with me on other days). I have a desk job so of course I am sitting at my desk a good deal of the time. Truffle lies at my feet.

But I'd really like to identify some type of chair, loveseat, sofa, pouf that I could put beside me so that she feels more on my level & I can reach out and pet/cuddle her.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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Orvis has a wonderful memory foam dog "sofa", but it's very price-y. I always wanted one for JD.

well, that looks very nice  :) - but as you say, pricey!

And even pricier because I would want one for home & one for the office!

I bought the memory foam bolster bed after I saw the one you got for JD. I've had them for a few years now and have to say they really stand up to wear. Chase used to 'dig' in his bed and when I took the cover off to wash it, the foam underneath was completely undamaged. So, even though they are pricey, I think their products are worth the money. 

I agree. JD's bed held up so well. I gave it to a friend after he died, and she said it looked brand new. It did. 

It is pricey but when you consider how many lesser expensive dog beds our furry ones can go through in their lives a good bed that holds up (especially to diggers) it can be worth it in the long run. A friend had this bed for her senior English Bulldog and it held up beautifully.

I like my dogs at my feet since I never wear shoes inside.  I pet them with my feet. :-}



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