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I knew that Charlie loved bananas and apples. But today I found out that she loves watermelon!!!
I guess it is cold and quench her thirst, but she will eat a couple of slices if I let her!

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YES! and blueberries!
Haha. Oski loves cantaloupe, cherries & blueberries. He's actually learned how to pick the blueberries off the bush by licking them & if they fall off that means that they're ripe enough to eat! LOL
What a smart guy!!
Yankee's favorite snack is apples. Finn is starting to eat them too. Yankee used to eat watermelon and cantelope but not so much anymore.
mine does not, but my friend's female doodle LOVES anything crunchy: apples, carrots....actually, she will eat gleefully anything I give her in my hands! I guess they have their own palate just like we do....some of us prefer savory foods. some of us prefer sweet things.
Yup, Mazie loves watermelon! And bluberries and apples and ice cubes. Those are her summer faves.
Apples (cored, no seeds) and ice cubes. She likes tomatoes too, but I have stopped giving her those after I read tomatoes aren't good for dogs.
Halas has always liked bananas, but lately he's really been into cantaloupe. He doesn't normally beg for food, but if I'm eating cantaloupe, he practically sits on top of me waiting to get a bite.
Cagney loves watermelon too!!!
My lily loves and i mean loves watermelon



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