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Hi all! I know many of you like to put bandanas on your doodles for special occasions or anytime! I was at an art festival recently and found this company--Arf Scarf! The scarfs are sewn in three different sizes with a bit of elastic to make them more comfortable. Not only does she have great fabrics for all holidays, sports teams, seasons, etc, but the scarves are reversible with a similar theme or coordinating pattern on the other side!

Right now, my doodles are rocking their Halloween scarves--a Halloween theme on one side and candy corn on the other!

This summer they had scarves with beach-y themes--lobsters, starfish, etc. Here is Mattie in her summer scarf.

If you are interested, Sharon has a facebook page but no website just yet. 

There are a lot of doodles on her page modeling their new scarves!

You can search also for ArfScarf by Sharon on FB of the link does not work for you. If you are not on FB, her email is

The scarves I bought were $11. My 40-50 pound doodles all wear a medium but you can send in a measurement to be sure. And if you get in touch with her, she will send you pictures of the fabrics so that you can choose!

Here is Lyric modeling her sea turtle scarf!

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Very cute scarves.  Thanks for sharing. 

So cute!!

Cute :)  

Do those scarves catch any of the drips when bearded doodles drink water? I swear Riley leaves half her bowl on the floor after she drinks lol.

I think you are talking about a dog bib!  Now that's something someone should invent!!! lol

I got her a little mat to go under her water bowl which helps.. but it does not help if she dips her giant ears into the bowl and walks away... which happens pretty frequently :/

We use a travel bowl for water. The ears stay dryer and they can’t play in it. We use a mat under it also. 



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