Nearly two weeks later...Lucy got hungry enough to enter one of the (humane) traps. Morgan from Forgotten Paws rescue here in the Atlanta area lent us her trap, so we were able to set up two. She also told me that most of the dogs she'd trapped (80 so far!) were lured in by sausage. So, after two nights in a row of sausage, Lucy walked into the trap! She got to eat a lot of sausage to get there, and I'm happy she did!


She's a bit thin, and was scared, but was still very gentle (even when the animal control guy had her on a catch pole, she didn't growl or snap.) I loved the animal control guy who came out. He was genuinely upset that he had to use the catch pole...he was worried it would just be more trauma for her but there was no other way of getting her out of the trap without risking her taking off again so I gave him my permission. I liked that he cared enough to be concerned about could tell it wasn't just a "job" for him.


So now, Lucy Foster Doodle is at the vet getting checked out. The vet won't be able to examine her until this afternoon, but at least she is safe, in air conditioned comfort, and is getting clean water. She smells awful but doesn't really look that dirty (the animal control guy said it was her "fear glands" making the smell). We need to make sure she's hydrated, and that she's not pregnant.


I'm so incredibly relieved and thankful to have her back!


Here's a picture of trapped Lucy!


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  • I am so damn happy I am literally crying!!!!!!!!
    • I am right there with you! When I got the call this morning that she was in the trap, I started crying. I've been giddy every since! I'm also suddenly very, very tired, because this is the most relaxed I've felt in two weeks!


      Lucy really looked remarkably well!!

  • I'm so relieved that she was finally found!
  • Whooooo hooo!  What wonderful news.  I am happy you have some relief Frannie :)
  • AWESOME!!  Congratulations.  We are so pleased this had a happy ending.   Enjoy your day.
  • Oh my goodness. This is such good news! Of course you are exhausted after weeks of worry. Hoping sweet Lucy is able to find a wonderful forever home.
  • Best news EVER! What a relief! She really doesn't look that bad at all considering. Hope all is well at the vet-let us know how she checks out! Again, SO happy for you and Lucy!!
  • I can't even put into words how relieved I am.  Frannie, you never gave up on are amazing.  I know the journey is far from over for this poor girl who now has to fight to gain her health back, but at least this is a start.  Thank you!
  • Such wonderful news!!!


  • Frannie, this is wonderful news!!
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