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As Samantha has gotten older I have found these annoying, not dangerous, fatty tumors. I have seen other big doodles with some really big one.

Our vet says as long as they are not in the way of her walking then leave them. She has 1 medium sized one on her side and I am noticing pebble sized ones in other places - one near her spine around her hips. Has anyone found that they can push on the spine and cause pain or other issues? This is the one that has me concerned. When she went for her yearly vet visit it wasn't there. I don't think it warrants a vet visit yet or does it?

Does a dogs weight have anything to do with these nasty little buggers grow?

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They don't only happen in seniors, they can happen at any age. Leslie's Halas is not a senior, and he's already had surgery to remove some large lipomas. She has several discussions here on DK about this. 

JD has tons of them, some quite large. All have been needle aspirated to be sure they are benign fatty tumors, which is what a lipoma is. We are monitoring their growth on a regular basis. They have definitely gotten larger over time. 

Sometimes they can get large enough to interfere with movement, and some can even cause problems if their growth affects nearby organs, which is why Leslie opted to have the surgery, I believe.

At the very least, you do need to have all of them needle biopsied and that way you also get a baseline to monitor their size and growth. 

JD's specialist also did say that they are more common in overweight dogs. But JD is not overweight and he has at least 10 of them. 

Sorry to hear about this....I don't know a whole lot about them.. My friend's Basset hound gets them..... she had taken him to get them removed, but re appears somewhere else.....



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