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So, Maggie and I didn't get the memo that our Novice obedience class was going to be full of dogs who know what they're doing and that they're totally going to show us up! I think we need remedial novice. Some of those dogs have real titles already.  She said, stand your dog for exam, and I'm like uh, what? And then it was, "hold the leash like this and hold the treat like that and put it right here..." And I'm thinking, people I'm going to need at least 2 more hands to do all these things at the same time. Especially if I'm not supposed to trip over the dog too. Coordination is hard, and those ballet classes did not help. Sorry, mom. 

Needless to say, we have homework. I'm supposed to teach Maggie to stand. We need work on our long sits and downs (3 minutes feels like eternity to me too.) Our figure 8's need some work. Ok, everything needs some work. But she's having fun and that's why we're doing it. I just secretly want her to be the best. I have to remind myself that 2 sets of classes ago she didn't even know how to sit. She should get an award for most improved. We like awards.

There is this Belgian Malinois in our class (I thought he was a mutt at first, and I kept looking at him and couldn't figure out why he still had his boy bits, when I realized he was a Malinois.) He seems like a nice dog, but so intense. His focus was incredible. It looked like he was saying, "awaiting my next command master." I've always wondered what it would be like to have a dog that was so high energy and scary smart - a malinois or a border collie or something. I think it would be a poor choice for me, but, I would kind of like to try it out for a couple days just to see what it felt like. 

In summary - tonight was a lesson in all the things I really kind of thought we already knew. Canine Good Citizen is as far in obedience as I've ever gotten with any dog. Now I know that there is so much more out there that we can learn and do.

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Novice week 2 update: This obedience stuff isn't just hard for Maggie! It's a challenge to me too. This week we were learning pivots. So turning in circles. Maggie did pretty well. I think she gets the idea. We've done lots of about turns. But this dog mom keeps getting dizzy! Around and around and around. I think when we get better and I can watch the world instead of Maggie it will be better. The good news is that I didn't fall down. Stewarts freeze dried chicken livers are a hit. They are soft enough that with the big ones I can hold it and she can nibble pieces off while we are working. It worked very well. She really liked them. Some of the other treats she will eat, but these she was really excited about. And I imagine you all know that I'm easily amused. Look at what was in our class this week: 

Irish Wolfhounds! I haven't had much opportunity in life to get up close and personal with a dog that big. They are so cool. They were very well behaved, which is good because they're so big what are you going to do about it if they're not? I don't think I could ever have a dog whose average life expectancy is 7 years. And I don't think I could afford to feed them (and don't want to pick up poop of that size!) But I was so excited to see them. 

My uncle had Irish Wolfhounds. After years of them, loving them and watching them die so young, he finally chose a smaller and longer lived breed. They were the sweetest laziest dogs ever. Congratulations on not falling down! 

Thanks for acknowledging that it's actually an event that I didn't just fall down! I once stepped in a hole and fell down at an agility class. I was fine and stood up, then all the blood rushed to my ankle (which was fine, my brain just got confused) and I fell down again. So embarrassing! I have a long history of falling over. It's one of my skills. 


Irish Wolfhounds are sweet, as so are Great Danes & any giant dogs with lots of hair!  But yes, lifespan is way too short.

I'm with you there!  I would get dizzy too, and exhausted!  I'm sure mentally as hard on you as is for Maggie!

Stewarts are my go to high value training treats too! And they also come in beef liver! 

I'll have to order some. Our local treat selection seems abysmal. Even the dog food selection is limited to chicken, beef, puppy, or weight management. Where is the lamb and venison? But I was really excited to use that Petco coupon and get half off our food. I would love if they would send more of those!

What variety do you use? We're thinking of trying them as a high reward training treat too (he's getting bored with the PureBites Chicken). I"m thinking the beef or lamp would be best considering they're the lowest in fat compared to the other proteins? He didn't do well with the Trader Joe's freeze dried lamp or beef but that's probably because of the other stuff they put in it. 

I've only ever seen Stewarts in beef liver or chicken liver. And they're not really very low in fat; the chicken liver Stewart's treats have more than three times the fat content of the chicken Pure Bites: 10% for the Stewart's compared to 3% for the Pure Bites. 
The beef Pure Bites has 5% fat, but the lamb has 13%. 

You might look at the Whole Life line of treats; single ingredient, a wide variety of "flavors", and the fat content is pretty low on most of them. 

Thanks, Karen. Looks Chewy sells a variety of the flavors listed on Stewart's website. I'll check out the Whole Life line. Thanks for the recommendation. 

You just taught me something! I had no idea Stewart's made 7 different varieties of the liver treats! Thank you!!! 

This is also a great option for dogs who require LID diets, as they even have bison liver! 

Oh, and the turkey liver treats only have 2% so a great option!
I see the beef and lamb liver treats are only 5% fat, too. 



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