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Maggie here. I would like to take a public opinion poll. See, my mom says I'm really naughty. But I say that cute dogs like me can't possibly be naughty. And my mom isn't really mad either. She says she's exasperated. Whatever that means. It's a big word. 

See, I'm going to let you all in on a little secret. I can tell time. And I know when my mommy has to go to work she leaves at 10. So sometimes when she lets us out around 10 I decide that I'm not coming back in. Because if I don't come inside she can't leave. The problem is that sometimes I don't know what day she's going to work (sometimes I don't think she even knows!) and she tells me that she's not leaving, but I'm not sure if I believe her. 

So today it's raining and I refuse to come in the house. And ha ha, she can't catch me. She's taught me lots of things. One of the games I know that she didn't teach me is keep away. See, I'm faaaasssst. Zooom! And mommy thinks she's all smart coming outside with treats and my leash. She tricked me before, but not anymore! I'm on to her stupid games. I know we're not really going for a ride with my muddy nose and feet. And if I look hard enough the squirrels might still come out to play. Oh! There's one now! 

She says she's going to make me wear the long line in the yard if I don't learn to behave. I tell her I'm behaving just fine. I'm protecting the yard from all the critters, duh. And I'll come in when I'm good and ready. She just has to sit on the back porch with me until I get tired of being wet. 

So what do you think everybody? Aren't I a good good dog? 

Love, Maggie

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Hi Maggie, Jasper here. You are really lucky. You have a much nicer mom than I do. It's been raining here too, for days and days, and I haven't been allowed out in the yard without a leash for days and days either!!! I can't chase squirrels or birds or chipmunks, I can't dig holes, I can't even go into the dirt where all the good yummy weeds are! And my mean mom doesn't even have to go to work, so why does it matter if I get wet and muddy or refuse to come in? 
Can I come live at your house? 

Dear Jasper - My mommy looks kind of grumpy right now. It might not be the best time to pick to come live here. She says the rules are going to change (don't believe her, she's a softy!) But she also said the B word. I do not need a bath! I'm trying alternative fashion. This brown face is just what I'm going for! Or maybe it's a mud mask and I wanted a spa day. Either way, after 40 minutes mommy finally caught me. I think I'm grounded. Did you know all those fancy training words are supposed to work at home too? I thought they were just for class. This whole being an excellent dog thing is exhausting. I think I'm going to take a nap now. Mommy wiped my feet, but I bet I can still get mud on the carpet if I try really hard. Maybe I'll work on that after nap time!

Dear Maggie! You ARE a good dog! I am too - I love to play this game with my mom, especially when I don't want to put my harness on and I make a run for the backyard in the morning before she has to go to work. I think she really likes it too because she chases me and makes all these funny noises. Another game we play is when I find something in the backyard like a stick and start to chew on it. As soon as she comes near me, I run away. I'm convinced I bring her so much joy with these backyard antics! We are definitely good dogs!



Add Jasper to the Good Dogs Who Like To Find Sticks In The Yard And Make Their Moms Chase Them Club. LOL

AHH he's such a big boy now!  I love his coloring.

Thanks, J! I posted this picture on my FB page and someone commented that his coloring was ombre, lol!

This is the first photo I've seen of Jasper!  Beautiful!

A close up where you can really see the variations in his color as he's clearing:

I guess he'll fade more with time too?  Probably end up silver/grey instead of silver/grey/black?

They call it "clearing"; he'll be silver all over, probably with darker ears. It takes more than a year for them to clear completely. 

I meant to tell you before, I just love the contrast of his little ears. I do hope those ears stay a little darker. It's just adorable!

Hi Maggie and Jasper!  It's Zoey.  We are having the monsoon season too.  But I'm kind of a girly girl when it comes to getting wet.  If it is raining, then Mom  has to go with me.  If I'm getting rained on, than she is too!!!   Hope it dries out soon.  



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