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Help, Adina. Ever since that recent sitewide upgrade/update/whatever it was, the main search function isn;t working at all. Nada. You can search in the individual forums or groups, but not from the main search box. 

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I reported this issue a few weeks ago when I tried using the search,  you can probably guess why I was searching. It really doesn't help anyone new to the site to search in individual groups if you don't know where to go to search.

I agree.
You can search the main forum, but if the info you want is in, let's say, the Health & Medical Group ;), it won't come up. 

Yes I brought this up to tech support but then they asked me a question I couldn't  I don't recall where the code was that we originally used to ADD the search function. I'll look into it over the weekend.

I remember there was a whole big announcement when the main search function was first introduced. I'll have to try and find it.

I know he did it, but I don't know where in the behind-the-scenes-coding he put the code.  I'm not sure he remembers either :(

Great—-everyone has been talking about it, not just me.  It’s almost November.  Can’t it be re-done and a new code take its place?



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