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  • Since I just got a new bag of food thought I'd give this a try.  I'm sure some of the photographers will come up with better photos, but as a last resort at least you won't have to try and make Jasper sit still, lol.  I use a piece of the Stella and Chewy on top of AnnaBelle's as she is a really picky eater.


    • Thank you Sheri, these are great! 

      Jasper gets those S & C nuggets crushed on top of his kibble, too! His favorite is the Beef. :) 

    • These are great photos. 

    • So cute of the girls with the beautiful beach in the background.

  • My dogs get groomed today and then I will give it a go :)

  • Banjo has always been a picky eater.   We've tried a multitude of different brands of food.    THIS is the winner.   He runs for his meals since switching over a couple of months ago.3367110445?profile=original

    • 3367576634?profile=original

      Opps....this is the picture I meant to post.

  • 3367111357?profile=original

    • Well, this is too cute for words! 
      I really think you need to post this on Champion's FB page. You will get a million likes! 

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