• It's all a mystery to me. 

  • I lost the main picture on my profile page when the site changed. I can't work out how to get a picture back into what is now a grey space!

    • See the wheel on the right just under the Header on your page?  That allows you to upload a photo for your header or your profile photo. The header is pretty tricky because it doesn't allow you to adjust it like you can on FB so you have to try photo after photo to find one that is just right. 3764714267?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • Yeah, I tried that.  Lost interest after a few photos.  Too much trouble for me.  lol

        • YUP!   This was the first photo I tried and it fit, so I was, apparently, very lucky.  When I tried to put a photo on the header of the page I manage, It was impossible to make any appropriate ones fit, so we have an ocean wave. :-}

          3767633127?profile=RESIZE_710xWhat is NOT worth it to me is to scroll through the groups to find a specific one.  If nothing else, alphabetical should be offered as a viewing choice.

        • Ok it is an odd dimension of 1002.34 x 160 -- I wonder if the .34 is a typo...?  That's extremely overly nitpicky.

      • If you use the exact photo size that it requires it should work.  I posted the dimensions at one time early in our site upgrade, but I don't recall.  I'll have to look that up again.

      • Thanks, I'll give it a go!

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