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It is hard to believe that Mariner is 8. 

For those who don't know about Mariner - when he was 7 weeks old (with the breeder) he had an accident, fracturing his skull.  The result was that he was blind, having seizures and had to relearn everything - walking, peeing, eating, etc.  After the breeder did their best to rehab him, he still was blind and having seizures (along with other minor issues).  Unless adopted he was going to be euthanized. 

We had heard about him because he is a biological brother of Boomer.  Long story short we adopted him.  Although he still has some medical issues, he is happy and living a pampered life.  His seizures are under control and he has some sight.

He is the inspiration for the Seizure Group and the Medical Group.

Special needs animals make wonderful pets!!

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Happy Birthday Mariner!!! :D  Your "mom & dad" are wonderful people with a BIG heart!

Mariner is an inspirational Doodle. Happy Birthday :)

Belated Happy Birthday Mariner.

Happy 8th Birthday Mariner!  Andy & Sharon - you certainly did a beautiful thing when you found and saved this boy!


Happy birthday Mariner! He shares my pup's birthday. :)

Someday I want to get a special needs dog. I've spent time with many and they are wonderful dogs. 

Happy belated birthday, Mariner!



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