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Can someone recommend a reputable doodle breeder in MA. Found several breeders, but they turned out to be puppy mills. Thanks.

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Hi Mary,

Breeder recommendations, reviews or referrals are not permitted here in the open forums. People can send you a friend request and then PM you.

Much more reliable than recommendations is our DK guide on What to Look for in a Breeder. Read it carefully and take it to heart. I would run from any breeder who cannot meet these basic requirements. It may save you & your family a lot of heartache. 

Good luck in your search.

Mary....As Karen has mentioned, definitely read the DK guide.  I live in MA and have 2 Australian Labradoodles.  I would be happy to discuss and recommend a reputable breeder in the area if you would like to message me.  

Thank you for your message and the gorgeous picture. I would appreciate any advise. Thank you, Mary

I sent you a friend request, once you accept, I can privately message you.

Sorry, I did not receive a friend request. Mary

Hmmmm......Says request sent.  Try sending me a friend request.  It is not permitted to do breeder recommendations in the public forum.  We must do it privately and the only way we can do that is to accept friend requests from eachother.  

I also sent you a friend request. I live in Maine, so depending on where in MA you are, it might not be too bad a drive.



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