Pop Quiz: What do these doodles have in common?
8925946892?profile=RESIZE_584xAnswer: They are all matted.
You can probably find their photos on IG searching for #matteddoodle. They all had to be shaved down.

TIP: If you look on a breeder's website and their parent dogs' photos look like these dogs...go elsewhere.
I get it. Matting happens, but If this is what they are presenting as their *advertising* -- then find a different breeder.
Matting isn't an aesthetic issue, it is painful and damaging to a dog's skin and health. Dogs kept super shaggy without proper brushing and combing (and for some this is SUPER time consuming to do well) will mat.

Same with dogs who are only photographed being held still. If a breeder can't keep their dogs groomed or train them to hold a basic stay for a few seconds to take a photo...how else are they neglecting their $$$ breeding dogs? How educated are they about dogs in general, let alone the care of the doodle or breeds in their doodle? If doodles are "so easy to train," than a good breeder will have trained their breeding dogs to hold a stay for a photo for their website.

YOU, as a buyer, have the $$$POWER$$$ to turn doodle breeding around. To set higher expectations of breeders with your dollar.

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  • I couldn't agree more. 
    People who are selling dogs with non-shedding, Poodle-type coats should be educating their puppy buyers on grooming and coat maintainence, and setting an example with their own dogs of what a well-groomed doodle's coat should look like. 
    They should also be displaying that wonderful, "easy-to-train" temperament in their breeding dogs. Let's start with a basic CGC title on every dog they breed. 

    • Yes on all of that!  I can't speak to the rest of their breeding programs, but there are some ALD breeders who do grooming demo videos or always post upkept photos of their dogs.  They will have their guardian dogs come to their groomer, for instance, to be kept up in the trims THEY like.

  • I think 'coat shock' is the biggest surprise when purchasing a doodle.  Unless you've had a dog before that required tons of coat care, even if  its' explained to you, you don't get it.  I know I didn't, but I learned and other newbies can too.  It should be a red flag to see shaved doodles or poodles at the breeder.  Meeting well-behaved moms and pops should be what makes a buyer truly decide to purchase.

    • Toby is my third doodle and the most curly.  After 10 years of owning doodles and grooming them myself his coat STILL surprises me sometimes.   For example I line brushed him last week and then went to check with the comb and I hadn't quite gotten to the base of his hairs in some spots and the comb snagged. 

      An inexperienced doodle owner likely would have just brushed "Regularly" (no line brushing) and not checked with a comb and it would have been a recipe for a very matted coat.  

      Breeders SHOULD be educating doodle owners or at the very least making sure they know what they are in for grooming-wise, but like many things doodle-related a lot of breeders are just in it to make money.... and they can always find buyers.  

      • Absolutely.  I mean most people think of brushing like brushing human hair.  You just brush and voila.  They are not prepared for doodle hair--it is NOTHING like that.

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