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Does anyone know of a good leave in conditioner or demattibg products? Something that I can get in store possibly ASAP! Now with it being summer and being in the pool and lake all the time, Blakeleigh is starting to mat very easy. She goes for a grooming apt next week and I’m gonna have her shaved shorter than normal to help it out a little but she is so bad that I want to dematt her at least a little bit before her appt next week. She also had an allergic reacation to something last week that caused her a lot of scratching so that didn’t help either. If you have every tried any product please let me know!

thank you! 

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Personally, I love Best Shot, but I'm not sure that you can buy it in pet stores.  Cowboy Magic works well too.  With both I spray it on when they are damp.  If they are dry and matted, then you can still just spray on the matted area.

Unfortunately, you really do not want to use any type of leave conditioner or product on a dog who has (or may have) allergies. These types of products attract and hold air-borne allergens like pollen and dust, which are then brought into the home and make matters much worse for dogs and people who suffer from allergies. 
You may just have to have her shaved down shorter than you might like and then start from scratch keeping her coat free of mats with frequent brushing and combing. 

Karen, do not use the sh... word! LOL use trimmed or cut or scissored.    

I know...I hate it. Maybe "clipped down"? 

I will accept clipped down.  :-}

We swear by Cowboy Magic as a specific for a specific mat and Horse Mane N Tail Spray in Detangler - you can get both in specialty stores and at  feed stores for livestock.  You apply whichever you are using and let it sit for a bit before trying to brush/comb the mats.   I know people (and I have done it also) who spray Horse Mane N Tail as a preventive when hiking or at the beach as it helps mats as well as some stickers slide out easier.   Both products have silicone.  We also use a conditioning spray by Stazko, but you have to order it.

Took Blakeleigh to get a cut today since she was so matted and they did have to shave her and start over. She is still my cute little doodle either way! 


It will be so much easier to look after now, and you will be able to keep on top of the mats as her coat grows back in. 

I have given in to brushing/combing my girl's ears, beard and tail daily or at least every other day. Its really fast and easy since there are no mats. I was told not to use conditioner in between grooming appointments as it leaves a coating on the hair and makes matting worse.



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