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here is my F1B golden doodle

she is that red colour

i was worried she wouldnt doodle out

so im hoping this discussion can give others hope :)

2.5 months

3 months

3.5 months

4 months

4.5 months

5 months

5.5 months

6 months

6.5 months

7 months

7.5 months

after her bath lol

unfortunately, we. need to use this when we walk because she pulls and pulls

it wet snowed

outside, she loved it 

8 months old

look her tongue has a heart

9 months old

10 months old and my first GROOMER appointment

1 year old

We adopted a new dog. she's a sheepadoodle and 1 years old. we just got her, here is pics of meah and lola together a few days ago :)
jan 5, 2019

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She's adorable!!

She is adorable, and even at 2.5 mos, it's very clear that she had furnishings and would "doodle out". 

What a cutie. 

She is sooooooo cute!

What a cutie.

Love it! 

Cutest dog ever!  Love her coat type. 

thanks everyone! she doesnt shed much at all.

only if we brush her. 

so im happy for that :P

She's stunning and I just wanna kiss that doodly nose!

added 6.5 month photos

She is just sooooo cute :) :) :) :)

She's so cute :)  



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