Meet Cowboy!

What a great community! Thank you for letting me be a part of it. I wanted to introduce almost 10 week old goldendoodle. I am a first time goldendoodle mommy and would love any tips or advice you all can offer. I was also curious about Cowboys coat and your predictions. I have no idea what I am looking at lol. I am used to german shepherds and other large breeds. I found out he is an F2 goldendoodle. I cant wait to hear from you guys! Please let me know your thoughts :)8312085477?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Cute pup, welcome! He looks pretty curly, so he'll probably continue being pretty curly :-) 

    • Agreed, very curly.  Way curlier than Riley was at that age so I would expect a pretty tight curl as an adult.

      • Wow! Riley looks pretty curly! I wonder if he will look like his parents.

  • This puppy looks way older than 10 weeks, way curlier than you would expect an F2 to be, and the coloring is very unusual for a goldendoodle. Did you see the parents? 

    • Thanks guys! Yeah, I saw the parents...they look more like poodles but are both 50/50 . I've included an image here. Mom is the one with more color. They have very tight curls. He was a litter of 7 with all having some variation. Only about 3 were as curly as him. I wasn't sure if he would get "straighter" though. He was born 10/13. But his parents are pretty large from what I understand. There was also one that was grey/black and white with blue eyes.8312584087?profile=RESIZE_930x

      • Okay, so you saw a picture of the parents, you didn't see them in person?

        There is no gene for blue eyes in Poodles or in Golden Retrievers. Doesn't exist. The dog on the left in the above photo looks to have merle coloring, which also doesn't exist in Poodles or in Goldens. The dog pictured on the left is not a goldendoodle and cannot be a purebred Poodle with that coloring. Blue eyes and merle coloring come from herding breeds, usually Australian Shepherds with doodles. 
        Your puppy is adorable, but I would bet some serious money that he is Not a goldendoodle of any generation. I would suggest doing a DNA test to find out exactly what you have, it is helpful to know that information for health reasons. 
        I'm also wondering how a 10 week old puppy was a rehome, as you mentioned on your page? 

        • Hi! No, I saw them in person. But I have no frame of reference for size for these breeds. I also have no idea about the blue eyes...maybe a fluke? No other puppy had it..or maybe it will change with age? To be honest I am not sure. I know the owner of both dogs and she is not a breeder. The mom is a registered therapy dog to detect seizures. The litter was an "oops" on the part of the owner and one puppy was rehomed to our family if that's the correct term? Lol. She has done a health certification for both parents and provided them to me. When I looked up the possible colors on the goldendoodle association of America it stated merle was a possible color, especially when breeding two goldendoodles together. Regardless of his breed or coloring we love him so much and he had a perfect visit to the vet...very healthy:)  I definitely appreciate your concern.

          • The GANA information is about merle coloring is incorrect. There is no merle gene in either of the parent breeds. 
            "Re-home" means that the puppy had another home besides the breeder's before he came to you. Like when dogs are adopted from rescue groups or shelters. :) 
            The health issues I was referring to have to do with certain genetic conditions that run in certain breeds but not others. It is not about being healthy today, it is about things that can crop up down the road. It helps when the vet knows the actual breeds of a dog. Also, the herding breeds have a gene mutation that makes them sensitive to certain HW drugs. 
            Just good info to have. Enjoy your pup. 

      • An F2 goldendoodle would have parents who are both F1 goldendoodles. The dog on the left also cannot be an F1 goldendoodle because in order for a dog to be parti-colored, she has to have two copies of the parti gene, one from each parent, and while Poodles can be parti-factored, Goldens cannot. So she cannot be the offspring of a Poodle and a Golden Retriever. 

        • Okay, if that's true, either way....we still love him and I was curious about his coat....doesn't matter to us if he has some Australian shepherd in him or even something else. His parents are both beautiful and healthy too, so that's all that matters. Thanks for your input. Just saw your other reply. Will definitely ask our vet about it and let him know. Thank you!

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