Hi we got our first goldendoodle near the end of May when she was almost 9 weeks old.  She will be 16 weeks in 2 days.  Both of her parents were approximately 75 lbs Dad was a standard poodle and mom was a golden retriever.  I am wondering what you think her adult weight would be approximately.  The online puppy calculator says she should be between 85-100 lbs so surpassing both parents.

I weighed her tonight and she was exactly 30lbs.  Her height is 19.5 inches as of yesterday.  Any predications?  I just want to be prepared because i have already had to purchase a larger crate then i had and i did get smart and buy one with the divider but i really hope she doesnt outgrow this one.  Here is a picture of her when she was 7 weeks old and  another from when she was about 12 weeks old.9226877463?profile=RESIZE_584x

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  • The formula is to double the weight at 4 months, and then add 5-10 lbs. (4 months is 17+ weeks, not 16 weeks, BTW) So weigh her on her 4 month birthday, and that should give you a good idea. 85-100 sounds too high to me. I'd guess more like 75 lbs. 

  • I agree with Karen.  At that age Riley our big doodle was gaining about 2 lbs a week so 2x32ish + 5-10 pounds I'd say 70-75 lbs, same size as Riley.  She's 27" at the shoulder fully grown.

    Riley has a 42" crate (so does Toby actually), she fits perfectly in the 42" crate but has to stoop a bit when she stands.  Toby has lots of room to spare but he is still growing, his legs need the space :p  

    This was in May so Toby has grown quite a bit since then (he's 8 months old now) but it gives you an idea of how well Riley fits in her 42" crate.


    • thank you that is the size crate i bought the 2nd time around

    • I WISH they would make Tall crates without extra depth/width. The 42" crate with a couple extra inches of height would be great!  

      • Yes!  That would be perfect for Riley.  What I really needed for her was about a 44" crate but next size up is 48" which is just way too big.  42" is fine for her lying down though.

  •  Today ginger is 4 months old and weighs 33.4 lbs.  She is 20.5 inches tall.  She is still underweight according to the vet but i guess that is better than being overweight.

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