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I joined this a while back and enjoy reading all the info and everyone is so helpful with their experience and insight. We got Hatchi at 7 weeks old and as i read that was a bit too early to take from his "family" however nothing we can do about it now as Hatchi is now 28 weeks old. Love him to pcs!! I have kept track of his weight and taken pictures often to hopefully be helpful to others on here (just as i found ppl to be for me). I have attached my pictures and weight info of Hatchi so it shows his change in coat and weight over the first 6 months of his life with us. I was told he is a "medium" however i am not too sure as you see by his weight i am wondering if he might be a small standard? But you can see ow his coat has changed and i know that is something many doodle owners like to see (as do i). I hope this helps a bit. But i also have a few questions. I am guessing it is due to bringing him home now at 7 weeks, but as you read he is now 6 months old and we cannot seem to get him out of the habit of wanting to knaw on my husbands feet (and blanket) when hes got his feet up on the lazy boy part of the couch. He is very smart, he has learned to much. But has some issues still like barks at ppl walking by our house, a bit of a "grump" if he is told to get off our couch when he doesnt obviously feel like it, shows a bit of ?resource guarding when he has a new chew bone until he has had it for a few days he then seems okay with us walking by. He was doing this a bit with his food bowl as well but we think we might have worked through that and continue to just with the training i have read and watched but throwing treats when going near him etc. He is getting much better at not jumping up, he knows he does not get my attention until he sits, he sits to go outside and waits at the door until he gets the okay. Like i said many many things we are happy with. We understand he is a retriever and mouthy but will the going after my husbands feet ever stop. I feel like he is in constant need for attention from us. Is he spoiled? Likely - all our dogs have been lol, our last dog was a Jack Russell and died of CHF after 14 years so i honestly could just be simply forgetting what a life is like with a puppy. But does the nipping/pulling blankets off us when we are sitting on the couch and attention wanting stop? (what i mean is he loves to eat his chew toys and bones on us, he follows me everywhere and i mean everywhere. Which i love, however going to some places in our home alone is a bit easier without a pup following you hhah. Thanks for all your input and this site is awesome!!8395728658?profile=RESIZE_710x8395738660?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Some of the issues you are describing may be due to his being taken from his litter too soon. Some of it may be from missed training opportunities early on, (before 16 weeks), such as teaching them to "give" and "show me", playing the training game "It's your choice", and making it clear that all good things belong to you as a way of preventing resource guarding. (If you are free feeding, stop immediately.) But regardless of the cause for it, the solution is to implement the Nothing In Life is Free method of training and living with a dog.  I will try to find a link for you, but you can also google "Nothing in Life is Free- Dogs" to learn more about it. You are already doing some of it, i.e. making him sit before he gets attention, etc. So it may just be a matter of tightening up the rules and being 100% consistent. 

    • Yes that is exactly the approach I was going to suggest too!  It works super well.  

    • Thanks so much Karen, i see your many replies and suggestions on here so you are one of my first to follow forsure! I appreciate that i have the link i will look at that. thank you

  • Here you go.

    If you follow this program to the letter, and stay with it consistenctly, it will solve all of these issues.

    Nothing In Life Is Free
    The "nothing in life is free" approach has been mentioned in a few different posts.  I was thinking about this today, and realized that this may not…
  • He's so cute!  I love the scruffy look.

    For size a good estimate is to double his weight at 16 weeks and +/- about 5 pounds or so.  Based on that I'd say he'll probably be around 50 lbs or so which fits into the medium or small standard category.  The "standard" or "medium" designation is usually based on the poodle parent (standard, mini, toy or "moyen" in areas where that is an accepted size) rather than the actual size of the dog.

    For example my bernedoodle Riley is a "standard" bernedoodle but since she is closer to the "giant breed" size of her Bernese parentage.

    Our new puppy we are getting (in 3 days!!) is a "standard" goldendoodle; his sire was a standard poodle (~50 lbs) but mom was a 45 pound goldendoodle so we expect him to be MUCH smaller than Riley.  The breeder is calliing them a litter of "medium" doodles.

    As for training it sounds like Hatchi needs some stricter boundaries.  It should NOT be a choice for him to do things like get off the couch or allow you near his food/toys.  

    With our puppies whenever they eat we play in their bowls, pick the bowl up randomly and put it back down.  WE own the food, not the puppy.  The same with toys.  Your pup is older though we usually do that stuff when they have just come home.  I've never had to train a puppy OUT of resource guarding so hopefully someone else has some tips for that and the other specific behavioral issues.


    • Thanks so much, yes i was guessing around 50lbs as well which is great with me. We did try playing with his food and bowl when we first brought him home but perhaps we didnt do it enough. Like it said he is better with his bowl, but is fine with his toys and bones it is more if i give him that tasty new bone (or horn) its maybe for a day and then he seems to like to bring it over and chew on us. I will keep on him. I just hope its not too late is it? To give him stricter boundaries at 6 months old?

      • It's never too late, and for sure 6 months old is not too late. 

        • yeah okay happy to hear that. He is getting better at many things i wonder if my issue is just not being consistant. I know when he was/does jump on me for attention i was going behind the gate and removing myself from him, he would then lay down at the gate and look at me, now i can ignore him and just need to look at him and he sits and waits for me to pet him. So i feel he is learning. We do work full time by my son is home with him most days and will take him for a walk or let him run out in the back yard for half hour and at 4 times a week he does go for 5km walks/jogs with my husband. I just dont know if it is attention he is after constantly or just if i need to try other things. I guess what worries us the most and we hope to hear is that they grow out of the chewing or mouthing. I feel ike we have tried many things and It just seems not alot is working. Another question in regards to chewing is i had a dog bed with stuffing hatchi seemed to like to chew and hump it. I had to sew it a couple times take it away and give it back only for the same thing to happen. I have this single foam mattress at home that i thought i would try well he loves it and hasnt chewed or humped it. However it is a bit too big for a bed to be in my livingroom so i ordered him a new bed with foam. I rec'd it and gave it to him last night (gave him a couple treats when he went on it and laid down) he loves it however after a couple hours of it being there he seems to want to chew and grab a hold of it. He hasnt done the humping motion yet but he is trying to pick it up and move it around. Should i take it away from him? Is there anything i can do about this? I make it sound like he is such a bad boy but he really isnt, so many good things he does - do i just forget what a puppy is like? 

          • I wouldn;t worry about his humping the bed or trying to move it around. No dog ever got rehomed for that, lol. If he were humping humans, that's another story. 
            Chewing things is a problem not just because it's destructive, but because it can cause a $3000 ER bill and serious health issues if he ingests something he shouldn't.

            The mouthing is a problem, and the only way to deal with that is just not to allow it. He doesn't put his mouth on a human being, period. Not ever, not even in play. This may not be the case in your home, but I find that adolescent/teenage boys and many men use their hands to play with dogs, and that just can't happen. 

            And sadly, this is one area where staying with his mother and litter another week might have helped. If you consider that they learn bite inhibition and control between 6-8 weeks, missing a week of that means missing 50% of that valuable training. :(But you can still turn this around. 

            • Thanks Karen, yes i see that it might have been too early, i wish i found this forum before i found Hatchi. But i am determined to work on this. I wasnt sure if it was a teething thing, a behaviour thing or a puppy thing and if it does get better or if it is something i do really need to get on and stay on top of (the chewing/mouthing). And no he has never tried to hump anything other than that bed so i hope it stays that way. He seems good with many items and textures he just really seems to like cloth like items (towels/socks/blankets) they seem to be the ones if we have them in our hands or on us he wants them. But i read that link you sent about the alpha dog and after reading that i do think hatchi is trying to be that alpha male so i will definately change something that we do in that post that obviously we are doing wrong. You dont think you are doing anything wrong when you want to cuddle the little guy and i like when he sits with me or lays with me but i see i have started that bad behavious and now have to fix it. So thank you for that info i really appreciate that and i have already sent it to my family in my household to read over.

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