Milo got home today. He is 7.5 weeks (turns 8 week old on Tuesday). Due to Covid, I had never seen him before but only through pics. I am looking at him and I don't see the goldendoodle face much. His dad is a poodle and his mom is a shaggy goldendoodle. Could some of you look at him and let me know if you all see goldendoodle in him ? And ofcourse, his coat is probably going to be one of the 'wonder what will be' type. We are excited to have him home. Thank you all in advance. :) 

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  • Milo is going to be awesome it what he is going to be, maybe wavy fleece coat.  The eyes are always what make me love a dog.

    Black dogs are tought to photograph but these turned out pretty good.  Enjoy him, every puppy minute of him.



      Thank you for your reply. I am in need of all the positive vibes. I am exhausted and its not even 12 hours.

  • Milo is so handsome. I'm on my phone so can't really tell about his coat. Puppies are like human infants- their care is exhausting, but it is much shorter. You question what you got into. Just hang in there. Stick with it and enjoy him. 

    • I mis-typed. I meant we all question what we signed on to during the exhausting infant puppy stage. Because your pup is a bit younger than 8 weeks, you are dealing with even more of a baby without his mom and siblings. 

      • Haha...I did question couple times already. But I have to say that as I am writing down his everystep with time, I am getting more comfortable in what to expect with him slowly. Yes, he turns 8 weeks on Tuesday. 

      • Yes, they have a much easier adjustment when they are a bit older. I was very grateful that Jasper's breeder doesn't send puppies home until they are 10 weeks old.

        • I have had friends and neighbours who regret picking up a pup of 10 weeks old. I kept hearing different schools of thought on this. Then I took a leap of faith. Ha! Regardless, for a light sleeper like me, those midnight bathroom breaks and movement in the crate does it. 

          • It's actually against the law in 26 states to sell a puppy before the age of 8 weeks old. My 10 week old slept through the night in his crate without a bathroom break or a single peep from the first night he was home. He was also well started with housebreaking, basic training (sit, etc), accustomed to being groomed, and well socialized. I can't imagine what regrets anyone would have about bringing a pup home at 10 weeks, unless the breeders did not use those extra weeks for socializing, housebreaking, grooming, training, etc. 
            And of course, the older the pup, the less puppy nipping and biting you have.

            • I have read that before but never thought 3 days before the mark of '8 weeks old' would make a difference. But he is not a whiny puppy so far. I do live in a state with no puppy age laws. 

              You must have been fortunate when your 10 week old slept through the night. Then he must have been less than 3 months (so, with 3-5 hour hold capacity in the night??)  and to 'hold it' that through 8 hours of night is pretty good, right? I would also assume a lot of this will have to do with individual puppy too.

              • I don't use those formulas that supposedly tell you how long a puppy can "hold it" based on age. They are not reliable. They can "hold it" a LOT longer when they are sleeping than when they are awake. 
                I also had a pup who came home at 9 weeks who slept through the night in her crate without a potty break. 
                It has more to do with what the breeder did before the pup went home than it does with the individual pup. My breeders had bedtime, same time every night, pups in crates, lights out, til a.m. It makes a big difference. puppies and dogs are all about training and routine, and that starts when they are still with their mothers. Those things are also how I choose breeders. 

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