Hi everyone, I've been spectating this forum for awhile and I finally got the chance to post rosemary! She is a F1 Goldendoodle. Shes 12 weeks old and weights 22lbs. Do you guys have any weight/coat predictions. The breeder told me that she was gonna be 40-45lbs but seeing that shes halfway there I don't think that's the case. Also do you guys have any tips for a hyper active doodle?


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  • Ha!  She's gonna be bigger!  My standard poodle is almost 9 months old and 54-55# and he was only 13# then.  So she's gonna be 60+ I imagine.    More to love!  She's very cute, congrats!


    • I just checked Riley's weight at 14w and she was about 22 lbs... so Rosemary may be over 70 lbs :p

  • Also most pups are "hyper" so I would say she's normal rather than truly hyper, but time will tell.  Poodles are high energy dogs, or can be.  Goldens vary.  Make sure she has outside time with you to play and run around freely, training time, socialization time (safe exposure to the world without actually interacting with everyone...just being around them), and rest time.  Puppies sleep A LOT, but need you to crate or pen them for a little each day to help them settle.


  • So pretty and the purple collar looks great on her. And those legs!!!! 

  • Hi Rosemary (and Victoria), You are one cute doodle.  All doodle puppoes are hyper.  The best thing to do is get them tired out playing with them and recognizing that switch to over-tired frenetics.  When that happens, they need a nice nap in the crate.

  • What a cutie!  You photos came out great, black is so hard to photograph.

    • I have a horrible time trying to get good pics of Riley.  If I get the white balance to balance on her black parts then I can actually see her eyes but then her white parts are super over-exposed.  If I instead focus the white balance on her white parts then her face is just a black blob lol.  I have to usually try to find some part of her white that is semi-shadowed that is a middle ground.  :p  

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