Meet Sadie!

Good morning and happy new year from the Atlanta suburbs! We added a 'double doodle' to our family about 6 weeks ago - mom is a blonde F1 goldendoodle and dad is a chocolate F1 labradoodle. We've been a labrador family for 26 years now, so we are totally new to anything doodle, which is why I'm here on this forum! Our Sadie girl is a spunky, fun and very sweet girl and we're enjoying the addition of a second dog to the family (we also have a 12 year old male lab named Jax).

We are headed to her 12 week appointment today and she should weigh in around 22-23 pounds - we're hoping she'll be a big girl!
I'll post a few pictures, but I'm pretty sure she has an open face/no furnishings (which my research shows can happen with two F1 parents); I'm not too sure about her coat seems to be growing a bit right now. Her ears are curlier and her coat is very wavy/bumpy down her back and tail. Honestly, we don't care if she has furnishings or sheds, we absolutely adore her already....and we are lab owners, so we've dealt with 26 years of shedding, lol!! However, I'm curious to know the thoughts on what type of coat she'll have? I'm having a hard time imagining what this pretty girl will look like as an adult! Maybe a black version of a golden retriever? What are your thoughts!?!

Thank you in advance, Amanda

This picture is 6 weeks old:


This photo below was 10 weeks old:


And this photo was taken this morning at 12 weeks old:


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  • Welcome to Doodle Kisses!
    Yes, Sadie has an open face. This is very common with F2 doodles, (both parents F1), since you have unfurnished breeds on both sides. A puppy could get a gene for furnishings from both parents, one parent, or neither parent, so there can be a huge variation.  The very curly, high-set ears and the high forehead are both characteristics that go along with an open face. 
    She has a nice fluffy coat, and she's a very pretty dog. I'm glad that shedding doesn't bother you, because she is definitely going to shed some. 

    • Well, shedding isn't our favorite thing, but she has an extra fluffy lab brother (see below) and we are used to living with it! Thank you for confirming the open face....any thoughts on her coat, will it be curly, wavey or straight? 


      • I'd say her coat will be straight, but fluffy. Maybe a bit of wave, definitely not curly. 

      • If I were to hazard a guess I would say slightly wavy.  

        She is so cute and clearly loves her big brother :)  

        You're going to have the "fun" problem we have around here of both black and white hairs all over the place.  No hiding those with careful clothing selection lol.

        • Thanks! So true with the black and white fur! 😂 And yes, she adores her big brother....and he's learning to love her and her puppy energy. 😉

  • I am very partial to black dogs.  She is just darling.  I think she will look much like a black goldendoodle as an adult.

    • Thank you!

  • I, too, am very fond of black dogs.  She looks darling and I am sure she will get big!  Mutphy, Tigger and I say welcome to Doodlekisses.

    • Thank you! And she was 22 pounds at 12 week checkup, so I guess we'll see!

      • Yeah that's pretty big!  Our standard bernedoodle Riley was about 17 lbs at 12 weeks old but she was on the skinny side.   She's 72 lbs as an adult.  

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