Hi guys!  Wanted to introduce you to my latest addition to the family.  He is a medium ALD chocolate merle.  Just picked him up today and he peed all over my lap right away!!! lol  Zoey loves other dogs, and could really use a playmate.  I wanted to get him before I got to old to deal with a puppy again! 


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  • He is so handsome!  I love the color & markings!  Both your pups are so unique!  

  • Welcome Zeke. He's a handsome guy. How old is Zeke? My daughter got a ALD the last of April. She's a first time pet parent. I am a little seasoned as well.  I enjoy being a grandma  this time around. My furbaby isn't a doodle and she's 7.

  • Congrats!  Zeke is absolutely stunning.  When asked what to bring when picking up a new puppy - I always advise - put them on a towel if on your lap AND bring a spare pair of pants.  :-}

    • I wished I would have thought of that!

    • Riley peed on my lap on our way home :/ I had her on a towel but I guess she had a lot stored up! I just changed then when I got home :) it was only a 45 min drive.

  • He is gorgeous :)  

    We'll get Riley a playmate in a few years when our baby is a bit older.. maybe around our older daughter's 10th bday.  That's when I got "my" dog as a kid and I did a lot of her upkeep it was a good learning experience :)

    I'm sure he and Zoey will be the best of friends!

  • The first time we went to meet our bichon,  she peed on my daughter's lap.  We still laugh and say Kirby was marking her territory and telling her siblings I am claiming this family.  We did end up with her based on the allocation .

  • I love those big paws that Zeke has!

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