Hi everyone - meet Zoe! We are new here and are learning so much from all of the discussions!  Zoe is 12 weeks old and a F2 Goldendoodle.  Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a golden doodle puppy that looks like her?  I am thinking she will have an open face but possibly a curly coat?   Thoughts?



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  • Welcome to DK. Zoe looks very sweet.
    She does have an open face, which is not unusual with F2s. Besides the lack of furnishings, she has the high, smooth forehead, high set ears, and the crimped, kinky fur on the ears and top of the head that often goes along with an open face. I'm hoping J will post some photos of her dear departed Luna, who had a very similar look. If you check the "Where's The Poodle In My Doodle" group, you will see many pups who look like Zoe.
    Zoe's coat will not be curly. Fluffy, and possibly with some wave. She is definitely going to shed, so hopefully you're okay with that.  

    • Thank you! I will be sure to check out the group!

  • She has the typical non-furnished, expressive-faced, flat coated doodle look. You will have shedding, but you aren't going to have mats or expensive groomer bills. This is just the way the genes fell in her case, but happens commonly with second generation doodles. 
    There is a group here where you could look at many photos of similar looking doodles called WHERE'S THE POODLE IN MY DOODLE. 

    • Thank you! I will be checking out that group next!

  • She is super cute!  As Karen said she does look a bit like our first goldendoodle Luna :)

    Here are a few pics of her as an adult, she was a mini F1 goldendoodle.  There are some puppy pics of her on my profile. 

    She was an absolute sweetheart, a breeze to groom and had the most wonderfully expressive face :)    Her eyebrows went gray first as she aged which exaggerated all her expressions, haha. :)  She shed a LOT but she basically never needed brushing (I only brushed her to help get her undercoat out during seasonal changes).  

    Enjoy your new puppy!





    • Thank you for sharing your photos of Luna!  She was a very beautiful dog!

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