We've had Miles for a little over two weeks now and we fall more in love with him more every day! I attached a picture that shows how much he grew in just his first week and a half with us! One question that I have for folks - how did you address separation anxiety with your puppy? Is this something Miles will grow out of (He's about 11 weeks now). We've been diligently working on his training and he is super smart, however we can't just let him bark it out because of our living situation. Any tips would be super appreciated! :) 

miles- 11days.jpg


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  • He is such a cutie.

  • Hi,

    I do not have any tips, but boy is he gorgeous!  Wow.

    Best of luck,
    Christine & Miss Nala :)

  • He is adorable.  The only tip I have is not to give in to his barks because you are telling him that his barking works.  Just my thought - I'd tell him NO BARK (or whatever command you might make, and then ignore him.  If he barks when you first come home or into the room, I'd totally ignore him until he was quiet.  I'd also make sure that you leave him in the crate sometimes when you are working around the house.  I'd crate him and step outside for a few minutes, slowly increasing the time.

  • I little more info might help as well.  Is the anxiety at night when going to his crate for bed, during the day when you leave for work, where are you keeping him, is he crated or not, etc.

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