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Miles is doing great! He is 14 weeks old today and already knows five commands (sit, stay, down, crate, and paw)!! We love him to pieces. He's been struggling with a lot of GI issues lately, which has resulted in a lot of vet visits, but we're hoping a change in food and switching probiotics to Proviable will help. 

One question that I have for folks is around Miles' weight. He is an F2 mini goldendoodle and weighed in at 16.3lbs yesterday at the vet. For a 14 week old "mini" this seems pretty big! He was 7lbs when we got him at 9 weeks old. The vet told us yesterday that he could actually stand to gain some weight right now, as he is by no means pudgy! Our breeder estimated he would be around 40-45lbs fully grown. My partner and I aren't complaining at all - as we imagine the cuddles will only become better as he grows, but we'd love to hear from others about the weight/growth progression they observed in their puppies. My sense is that it can be pretty unpredictable. See pictures for some updates :) 

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Thanks for sharing.  Miles is growing! Koda goes to the vet today.  I can't wait to hear how much she has grown.

I don't remember Luna's exact growth trajectory but she came home at 7 lbs at 8 weeks old and ended up around 38 lbs fully grown, she was a F1 mini goldendoodle.  Riley came home at 12 lbs and we think she will top out at about 75 lbs (but she is a standard bernedoodle). 

The size of the parents should give you a decent idea of Miles' final size, I think the breeder's estimate sounds about right.  Usually you can double the weight at about 16 weeks and for a mini plus or minus 5 lbs from that.

He is super cute!

I'd say your breeder's estimate is pretty accurate. 

Well we had Koda to the vet today.  She is 4 months old and weighs 14.14 pounds. She was wiggling so much at one time the scale went to 15.1 pounds and then 16 .  Her mom is 36 pounds and her dad is 29 pounds.  Koda is a small/medium labradoodle.

I'm guessing around 30 lbs for her give or take then :)

Riley was 14 lbs a week after she came home lol.



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