Hello again!
I wanted to ask any mini/medium sized goldendoodle owners on here about the weight progression of your doodle as they aged.
What were your puppies weight from 5-8 weeks and so forth until their adulthood?

Looking forward to hearing your responses! :)

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  • My F1 mini goldendoodle Luna came home at 8 weeks at around 7 pounds.  I'm not sure what her weight progression was, it's 10 years ago now.. but she topped out around 38-40 pounds as an adult.  To give you a comparison point our large standard bernedoodle Riley came home at 8.5 weeks at 12 pounds (she was a very lean 12 pounds) and is now ~80 pounds.

    Luna's weight progression *might* be somewhere in the 2010-2011 history of the "puppy to adult" group here, I don't remember.

    The best weight predictor is to double the weight at 16 weeks and that is a rough estimate +/- 5 or so pounds for a mini, up to +/- 10 pounds for a standard (Riley was the +10 lol).

  • Both your doodles are beautiful! Luna truly looked like such a sweetheart, and the photos of her on your profile just melted my heart. I am sorry for you and your family's loss. By looking at your posts, it's clear that Luna was blessed with such a loving family. :) We lost our furbaby last year, so I understand the process of having to fully let go is never easy.

    But we are very excited to bring home our new baby home and see how he grows up. The mystery still continues!

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