• She would remember you if you were gone a year! They never forget!

  • Don't be offended if she acts a little cool to you when you get back.  She will get over it quickly.

    • Really? That happens? My dogs are ecstatic whenever I come home--even if it has just been a day or two--but I guess it is possible!

  • Cute photo!   She'll remember you and I'm sure she's thinking of you everyday, hour, minute too!

    My grandmother had a poodle that snubbed her after a trip but got over it quickly.  Her dog was older, not a pup.

  • I can totally relate! We just got back from a 5 day vacation without the dogs. My husband and I talked about them constantly and counted down the days until we saw them again. They were happy to see us, but didn't go on and on about it like we did with them! Lol

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