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4 Mos. F1 doodle with mixed coat.. Thick curly doodly coat on his chest, tummy and tail, wispy fine hair on the rest of the body.. Any thoughts doodle paw-rents? Anyone who had the same thing when their puppy is younger? 

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First of all, he is adorable.  Such personality.  My AnnaBelle had a crazy coat through the puppy stages.  My Mom kept saying "when are you going to do something with that hair".  She had more cow licks than you could count.  After the puppy stage and coat change, her coat is just pretty normal doodle coat.  

when did your dog change to the normal doodle coat? :)

F1 doodles tend to be mixed coat.  My late Rosco had curly thighs, wavy back/body, straight wispy legs.  It will keep developing into adulthood.

thanks so much adina!

Could still be puppy fuzz in there too. Our breeder told us it takes about a year for the adult coat to come in. She introduced us to one of her dogs from last years breeding (same sire and dam). His coat was gorgeous and his head was still puppy fuzz. Our pup is from an English golden and F2 breeding. He is 6 months and has the curls down his back & tail but puppy fuzz everywhere else. Crazy transformation, its fascinating!

hi connie, thanks a lot! but my pup's coat looks very dry and coarse :(

Our Beaus puppy fuzz is so soft and fuzzy. The adult coming in on his back is course but I wouldn't say dry. I see puppy pictures here that already have the facial furnishings and curly or wavy coats and think what the heck? This is our first doodle so we are fascinated to no end at the changes. I guess we'll see how it come out. I am taking photos every month. His back is about 3" long now. I bought clippers and the grooming table should be delivered Monday. 

yours looks so healthy and soft! ❤️

That looks so much like Luna's puppy coat did :)

Luna's coat stayed baby soft on her chest and neck her whole life :) it looked a lot like Beau's.

Does he have a double coat? If so he'll actually be cooler in the summer if you don't clip him short.

I apprenticed in a grooming shop when I was young. I have never believed in clipping "summer" cuts. The coat protects both heat and cold. This is our first doodle. I've been a sighthound girl (borzoi, greyhound, whippet) my entire life. I am dying to see how his coat will be. It's been so fun watching the changes. He is such a joyful goof ball. We have serious humor in this house and he fits right in.... though my senior whippet girl would disagree totally LOL! I'll go peek at Luna's pictures. Might give me a general idea. Thank you!

Yes! Very similar to Luna. More curl and facial hair but they look so much the same!



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