Molly Says Hey!

Hey Everyone!

I'm so excited to be a part of this forum. I found out about this forum while searching for grooming tips (since a lot of groomers are shut down due to COVID).

I have an 11 month old F2B Labradoodle that is my LIFE. Her name is Molly. Since I've been working for from home, she has been attached to me by the hip. I previously had a F1B Goldendoodle that lived with me as well. Doodles dogs are the greatest!

Here's Molly:


Here's the Goldendoodle that I used to live with:


Hope Everyone is going well! I love writing about doodle dogs, so I'll have to try and contribute one of these days.




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  • Hey Back Molly!  I hear you are a wonderful doodle.  You look a great deal like my Murphy, maybe smaller and a littel curlier hair.

    Hope you enjoy DK as much as I have.  Welcome!

    • Thanks! :)

      We're all great doods at the end of the day.

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    I think your Molly looks a lot like my Willow. She's an F1. She's just the sweetest baby. They're such great dogs.

  • Molly is beautiful. Here is a picture of Kona. It looks like the other Goldendoodle that you lived with.


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