Lately when Milton and I wake up in the morning, he is super rambunctious.  He naps all evening long and then sleeps soundly throughout the night.  When morning arrives, he is a ball full of energy.  I let him out immediately to go pottie, bring him in to be fed, and then I try to sit down and drink my coffee and work on the computer.  Milton is barking, chewing on things, running around, and is pesky until he gets his walk.  The walk really calms his temperament and makes him more placid for the day.


Do most of you have to walk your dog immediately before doing anything else?  Milton is 13-weeks-old, so his age probably plays a large role in his energy expendeture.  I feel like a bad mom, but I really enjoy getting an hour or two of work in before I take off on a 30-minute walk.


Does anyone have comments, suggestions, or thoughts on this?  Thank you!

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  • When Soph was this age she was full of energy when she woke up in the morning and had to go out for a walk and playtime before she would settle down.  This didn't last too long though.  Once she got a little older she preferred to lay around and wake up more slowly.

  • Yep walk and play first thing when they are pups.  It will save your sanity.  As they get older they can wait longer and will adjust to your preferred schedule.

  • I walk my dog immediately when I wake up. But she doesn't get hyper until 7-9 at night (no matter how long of a hike or how many hours at the beach or hours playing with other dogs). Her hyper time is at night, which means her morning walk is her going to the bathroom and almost immediately turning right around (her choice) to go back home and go back to sleep....she never wakes me up in the morning....unless it is past 9 am.

  • I wasn't walking Shelby at 13 weeks to due the threat of Parvovirus which is a big problem in our area. However - I would play with her immediately after her morning potty because she was full of energy. Even now at 2 and a 1/2.... I get up, get dressed have a quick drink of water and we head out on our walk!
    • Maybe you can get a coffee pot that is programmable so ou can enjoy a cup on your walk or before you head out.
  • Huff is usually pretty mellow but he has his times, we usually walk him around 5- 7 pm, when it is cool and we have time. He is probably too lazy.

  • Maybe you could try giving Milton his morning Kibble in some sort of a treat ball that he would have to work a little harder in order to get his breakfast which would occupy him for a little while.  This might buy you a little time to enjoy your coffee etc. before going for a walk.  I didn't have this problem with mine, however, since we got two at once they had each other to chew on and play with to occupy themselves.

    • I recommend the Buster Cube... Can sometimes be found in pet stores, but also on Amazon.
  • Duncan gets a walk first thing. I don't have a yard so since he was a pup he's been used to being leashed up and walked around the neighborhood to do his business and get the zoomies out. Now at 3 1/2 we drive to the park 2-3 mornings during the week so he can also get some good sniffing and squirrel chasing in too. Then i feel good knowing i can go to work while he sleeps. But on weekends we both tend to be more relaxed. We'll just go quickly for him to do his business and then back home to relax.

  • Rooney (almost 2) and Stuart (1) wake up with me pretty early.  Most days I push the on button of the coffee pot while I get dressed it is making and then I'll drink a quick cup - then it is right out the door for a good long walk which is when both the boys potty.  I'm in a condo this summer so there is no yard to let them out in.  They'll come back and sleep a bit before they get their breakfast - this is my computer and coffee time.  Then after morning nap - it is off to the dog park for fun.  So maybe get up early - get Milton out and then come back with a puppy needing a nap.

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