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Hello all,

I had promised I would send along pictures of our ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro last month. Ended up, my husband and 2 grown kids were all able to make it to the summit! The whole trip up and down takes 7 days. Maximum altitude: 19,341 feet.

It was an absolutely awesome week and I would recommend it to anyone who is outdoorsy, willing to train and can go a week without a shower. Also must be away from your puppies for way too long! Hoka and Moxie survived at a friend's house.

Pictured are my son, my husband, my daughter and our 2 excellent guides. 

View down from the top at sunrise:

After Kilimanjaro (Tanzenia), we took a few safari drives in Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda.  We were thrilled to see so many animals, including 7 lions (2 cubs), a family of elephants with baby, and countless giraffes. Were also were "lucky" to see a leopard on the hunt and making a kill.  Everyone else was thrilled, I closed my eyes and covered my ears against the mama antelope's wailing. No one else was a mom, so they did not understand.

If anyone happens to be interested in doing a trip like this, we absolutely loved our guides and crew. It is Tanzanian owned and operated, fun and professional.

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Oh, how exciting. My nephew just did the climb last year all by himself and loved it. I prefer to live vicariously through photos, so thanks for sharing :)

Wow...what an accomplishment!  Great photos! Thanks for sharing!

Wow trip of a lifetime.  Congratulations.

Wow!   What a great vacation and climb!!  Great pictures too!

Congratulations on making it to the top of Kilimanjaro!  Thank you for sharing your wonderful photos. 

What a fabulous adventure. I am long past doing this if I ever could but I enjoyed the story and photos. Kudos to you all.

How amazing! The picture from top at sunrise is incredible! 

Stunning, the accomplishment and the pictures.

Congratulations!. What an amazing accomplishment.

Oh my--so wonderful for all of you! Congrats to all! Great photos!



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