Lily cracks me up! She is used to when I need to study or work without her bothering me I start up my Jack Johnson station on Pandora. Even if she wants to play, she knows its time to relax. Similar to when I am cooking, she knows not to bother me. Well, I always skip annoying songs, to me at least! Well one particularly annoying song came on, but I ran out of skips so I just let it play. She lifted her head and stared at me like "what the doodle! Change this mom!". So I changed it to another favorite station and she curled back up to take a nap. I wonder if she could sense my frustration... 

That being said, three finals stand between me and graduation! Woo!

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  • How cute! And congratulations!!!

  • Congrats to almost being finished. Brisby mellows to John Mayer. Lily has good taste IMO. :)
  • Congratulations on your upcoming graduation.
  • Congrats! You're almost finished! 

  • Congrats on your graduation!  I discovered the magic of music when I was training rescue pups to ride in the car.

  • That's really cute Jennifer! Congrats, you're almost there!!!

  • Thanks everyone! I am very excited to graduate and start job hunting! 

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