Today is my 65th birthday--I hoped to have a nice quiet day at home with my pups--not the case.

3703890900?profile=RESIZE_710xAlmost immediately after eating breakfast, Lyric (the apricot dog on the right) began pacing and acting strange. She refused her piece of banana that she looks forward to every day. Then she vomited foam in the other room--my husband let her out before telling me about the vomiting and when I looked outside she was bloated, pacing and had foam coming from her mouth....I know this is gross, but it is important to know the signs of GDV--a twisted stomach. I got her inside and felt her tummy and it was like an inflated basketball was in there. She would hardly move and was obviously in distress--a phone call to my vet daughter confirmed the bloat diagnosis. It happened so fast!

We are so lucky to have expert specialtyvets just 40 minutes north of us--I called my own vet and they gave me an appt for 90 minutes later (I expressed alarm but the vet tech did not waver!) so I decided not to wait and we got on the highway. Poor Lyric leaned into me and drooled for the entire ride. The vets saw her right away and diagnosed the GDV and did some tests--they had her in surgery within two hours, so that really improved the outcome. NO DAMAGE to stomach or spleen! (Blood flow to those organs can be stopped due to the twist, so time is of the essence here.) She should have a full recovery. If you get them into the operating room fast, most dogs survive and luckily, I was home to see what was happening!

So she is now recovering --not sure my credit card will recover as fast, but she deserves a few more years of life if I can give it to her. She is almost 12, but she has a strong heart and is not deaf or blind, so her quality of life is still very good. I feel it was worth all the money we spent and then some. I wil be ordering her "slo-bowl" today!!

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    • Same here, except that the closest emergency clinic for me is 1 hour 45 minutes away. I think all the time about how awful it would be to do that drive with a dog that is desperately ill.

  • So glad you got help in time!  What a scare!  Wishing your girl a great & full recovery.

  • So scary and what a relief she is ok.  Bloat is one of my biggest fears because Riley is so tall and lean.  We are careful to limit activity after meals and large drinks of water but there is only so much you can do.

  • Lyric is 49 pounds and is a tall girl (23 " at the shoulder)  much like a standard poodle but she is always hungry and bolts her food all the time--I should have known that this could happen any time. 

    My vet and I spoke at the end of the day as he was very concerned--he said he could have done the surgery  but would have sent her to the specialty vet because they have emergency vets that take over at 5 pm and check on the dogs all night. He said he would have recommended that she go there for the after care either way.

  • Oh Ginny, I am so happy and relieved that Lyric is ok. What a scary thing to happen!

    • Yes, Laurie... too scary! Will be more careful from now on!! 

  • What a horribly scary story!  So glad it turned out well.  How quickly the unimaginable can happen.

  • Oh, Ginny. I am sooooo happy that Lyric is okay.  This happened to our springer, Gordie, and while we got to it even quicker than you did, the outcome was not positive. I think he went into surgery within 45 minutes, but his tissues did not regain bloodflow.  I HATE bloat.  As soon as I read the beginning of your story, I knew it was Bloat.  May Lyric's recovery be easy and speedy.

    We were lucky with Gordie to be within 10 minutes of a good vet and it was within business hours.  We aren't so lucky in our regular town.

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