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So i finally got my precious little doodle yesterday but dh and i cant agree on a name whatsoever....ive been calling her puppy (duh) and dh thinks that sounds like an old ladys name.....any help...what do u think she looks like? my mom said she better have a before she sees her grandpuppy again lol...shes really mellow likes to sleep all day.....prances like the poodle in nowhere close to naming her and i feel bad!

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She is beautiful. Ruby is a great name but it does not seem right for her to me. I wanted to name mine Ruby but it did not fit her either. I see a flower name, Lily, Daisy, Poppy. Flowers are kind of mellow and shine from a little water and sunshine, Sunny?....
My first thought was she is truly a regal young lady, Tiara was the name that came to mind.
The first name that popped in my head upon viewing the first pic... - Annie.
The 2nd pic brought me ... -Avril
The 3rd pic says ...Gemma.
I also love Scarlett.

What a sweet puppy! (looks like an Annie to me)
Priscilla :) When you said she "prances like a poodle" I thought to myself, hmmm then she needs a prissy name, then when I clicked on the first pic, I immediately saw Priscilla. Good Luck and she is simply adorable! Can't wait to see what you decide on!
The name Ruby makes me think of a dog with much redish fur, although it is a cute name.
I thought "Sophie" when I saw her picture!
I thought of Sophia - great
Unfortunately couldn't open files. wish you had embedded them in your post--it's easy to do. just click on the camera image over the post .
I couldn't open the files either!
LuvLittleAbby just said Annie which made me think of the name Sandy. I also love the name Maddie or Maggie. I love the name Henley.

Very adorable puppy. I am waiting for mine.
I would love to suggest a name. It is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, I couldn't open pictures of your new addition. I went to your page and they aren't there either! Just click on the camera when you post the discussion or click on add photos on your page or even the main page.
Sometimes you and I think alike and have the same problems. See above!
Great minds!!!!!



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