I have a vet appointment Tuesday and am hoping for a cancellation tomorrow to get in earlier. We do not have a 24 hour clinic anywhere near us. She is walking, playing and eating. Her walk is stiff legged but she has always walked and ran funny because her hips are not correctly formed. Her hips do not have that tight mortar pestal fit- so instead of smoothly moving in the socket, the bone actually bangs into the socket. This is per the orthopedic vet we saw 2 years ago when she went lame for a few days after running hard. Now we don't let her run hard. This anatomy is why she tends to run like a bunny hop and on occasion has soreness after playing for long periods. Please no comments about parent genetic testing. I CHOOSE to adopt her. I love her.Her knees have never been a problem but yesterday while I was grooming her, I noticed that the inner side of her knee (on the back leg ) is huge! It has been so darn cold that we haven't been outside running or playing. There is No known injury. She isn't limping and uses all four legs. She does always use her other leg first to weight bare when doing steps and drags the swollen knee leg a little bit. The knee has a large swollen mound. The mound is hard. Not moveable. Not warm to the touch. She won't yelp when I mess with it, but she doesn't want me to play with it. Currently she is chasing our kitten through the house.I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this? When you say your doodle has been diagnosed with arthritis, what symptoms does he/she have? Any tangible evidence? I feel so sad for her. She has been a laid back dog, I wonder if she has been in pain and I just didn't know. She is so calm and quiet. What do you give your doodle to help?Tuesday can't come fast enough.

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  • Many things could lead to swelling of the knee from torn ligaments, arthritis etc. I think you need to see the vet and possibly an orthopedic specialist.
  • Please keep us updated!

  • I got into the vet early. They are very concerned about Mabel's leg. They said anything that comes on this fast is cause for great concern. Her leg was fine at Christmas time when I was bathing and grooming her. The vet sent me home and kept Mabel there. They are going to sedate her, take some x-rays, and then open the area or aspirate it to see what they find. They may even remove it IF the conditions are good it all just depends. Honestly, I don't have a very good feeling.

    • I am so sorry to hear this. Sending positive thoughts for Mabel.
    • Oh dear, I am sorry to hear this. Poor Mabel, and poor you.

      We will be thinking of you. Let us know how things go.

    • Lots of positive thoughts for Mabel and lots of hugs going to you!  Waiting is so hard!! 

  • I'm so glad you got in early!  Praying for a quick and easy fix for Mabel. Please keep us updated!

  • She is out of surgery. Now they tell me they were so worried about bone cancer, but it is not cancer and it is not arthritis. Thank goodness. She has a very large lipoma with muscle and arterial involvement. They said it is very complex and deep. They took what they could and said if we want all of it we would have to go to Cornell University were there are specialists who could deal with the veins and arteries. Right now they are keeping her for 5 more hours. The surgery location is tricky and they are worried about bleeding and Hematomas. She is awake and crying per the vet. :( Good news but sad sad sad she has to experience this.
    • That sounds like relatively good news. I guess I would watch how things go and if need be think about a consult.
    • I'm so glad it's not cancer or something life threatening but it still sounds like a very odd situation. Poor baby. But at least you have some options if the need arises.  Hope she is home with you soon. Thanks for the update.

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