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Any ideas on how to stop my dogs from barking at the squirrels?


I just adopted 2 labradoodles a boy & a girl, littler mates & 2 yr old.


My boy was looking up & barking & running at the squirrel on the power lines, he ran into his sister (going to the restroom) & broke her front leg (plate & 7 screws) Thank goodness for pet insurance!

She has 4 more weeks in the pen, then she can go out to the backyard again.

We are worried about her getting hurt again.



We are going to try putting sticky stuff on the lines to keep the squirrel s off the lines.


Do you have any ideas that might help???


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I think a slow process of teaching them the squirrels are not as interesting as you are might be effective

Take them outside, and when you see squirrels, distract the dogs by taking out high level treats like warm chicken or cheese. Do some training tricks with them, such as sit, down, etc. If they have already seen the squirrels and are barking, try redirecting their attention to the treats and putting them into a sit. Continue taking them out and doing training with good treats day after day. Over time, they will hopefully be desensitized to the excitement of the squirrels and learn to focus on you instead...
Do you own a BB gun?? JUST KIDDING!!!!!!!! Hunter barks at the power line that goes into the side of our neighbors house (who knows why we quit trying to figure it out). Everytime she barked we would try to engage her in playing ball, running with the kids, tricks and giving her a treat,. Eventually the line wasn't so fascinating but sometimes it does catch her attention but we are able to get her to stop by just calling for her.
LMAO, Denise! don't laugh... I was so angry one day that the thought of taking out my son's "air soft gun" crossed my mind! And then came to my senses - LOL
OH BOY! I will be watching this closely... Tori gets frantic when she sees a squirrel. I try and lead her away from the window, but she's so fixated on them that it is very difficult. In fact I have this cat that keeps prancing by our windows. I swear this cat deliberately taunts Tori!
Please send your "guard doodles" over to my house before the squirrels eat every last apple off our apple tree! We need at least a few to dip in honey for Rosh Hashanah!

LOL! I wish I could!
WHAT a thief!! Tori would chase them away for you 1,2,3! LOL Happy holidays!



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